Flat-Earthers present?


Flat-Earthers haven’t settled on a model, as far as how the sun and moon are operating, but they do demonstrate many problems with the sphere. For instance, it would be impossible on a sphere to have 24 hours of daylight, which is something people claim to have observed on Antarctica cams. Another problem is that the north star Polaris is visible from certain latitudes that should be impossible. Don’t quote me too hard on this stuff in particular as I’m just going from memory to show that flat Earth is very hard to disprove by using single-observation arguments.


Any time.

And I’m sure he would. They do say NASA is an acronym for Never A Straight Answer.


As far as I can find, doing math and stuff, the only evidence is photographic evidence.


It is photoshopped…but it’s, it’s has to be.


I’m a bit torn because I know some NASA people not close of course but enough to remember faces. They seem to be good people wanting to do good things and some profess Christ. I don’t want to get into any NASA hating or CERN hating etc. because I believe there are Christians still in these organizations. There may only be a handful but I KNOW they are there. I have hope that they will lead others with good conscience towards the Truth.


What is his IQ? And by which IQ standard to you value his IQ?


I STAND with flat-earthers because I stand with JESUS and I know that the flat-earthers are likely future targets of a scientific dictatorship/communist utopia just as it is likely those who follow JESUS will be.

Followers of Jesus have been targets since before time I suspect, so what’s the big surprise. Go make something beautiful and stop yer whining. :]


Hahaha. You’ve seen the video I take it (of the NASA employee basically saying that.)


Oh yeah I wouldn’t automatically hate on NASA people. 90% of any organization is good people with good intentions. That’s why NASA had to fake the moon landing to their own employees, as I speculate when they were watching those TV screens they believed it was real.


The moon landing was as fake as Michelle Obama being a woman. :poop:


Suppose we will never truly know will we.

SaTIRE: I prefer to look to the future and make moon trips free for Americans and Russians and maybe North Koreans if they play nice. I hear there is a lot of water there and some people are living in the desert in their souls.


@BigMike, you look like an angry elf. I already used that joke once today and it didn’t go over too well. Hope it doesn’t cause you too much indigestion.


The more I think about this and try and recall what I’d heard in the rabbit hole: shouldn’t 100% day or night on any part of a sphere be impossible? Picture a sphere, like the moon. The whole thing must be exactly half-lit at all times right?


I want to someday know. I wanted to believe in space too, cause how cool would that be? Planets and stars and stuff. The more fake shit I see about space makes me think the whole thing is fake. It’s just… luminaries, or whatever, not far at all from the surface of Earth. At least not “light-years” away because that’s another impossibility.


It is sad if there was deception. A lot of children grow up day-dreaming about flying on spaceships and traveling to space and perhaps even being astronauts. I hope it wasn’t all a lie too.

Until then, I won’t trust in chariots and will fill my time watching France24Live. :]


What is this France 24 thing you speak of?:thinking: (I visited the page but I still have questions about what it is precisely.)


Funny how nature does that :joy:


I heard Owen Benjamin going on about how could you see a lighthouse 42 miles out? If the curve is 8 inches per mile it would be over 1000 foot drop. Actually 8 inches x 42 miles is 336 inches divided by 12 (how many inches are in a foot) equals 28 foot drop, about the height of the lighthouse.



Finally I found a post with some common sense.

BTW since the Earth is flat to some here, I have some land on the other side for sale. Hit me up in a PM. I’ll make you a great deal.