Flood facebook/twitter with alex jones profiles


Started this today just used a email and filled in the personal info with alex jones everybody else should do the same I will be posting infowars articles and YouTube videos from the YouTube channel General Shepherd

I just started the Twitter account 2/8 at 3:30am

I burn that midnight/early morning oil for freedom

Wanna see how long it take to get bann @OwenShroyer @zimmermann @Johnboy @Texas_T @Aamonews @GreggHuestis67 @PASTORSAM

Happy Birthday, Alex Jones, Monday, the 11th of February, 2019 - Go Out & Say It Is Your Birthday & Record It

I was thinking the same thing yesterday when Owen said war room was banned.

I was going to say we should open accounts and let him use our account for the show. Im not sure if this is something they could do maybe we just give them the password?

If it works, Same thing with could be done for Alex Jones.


I wouldn’t put a lot of time into them. It’s a good game to see how long it takes them to delete it though. They’re cracking down hard on anything Alex Jones. I’d say you’re better off sharing articles & videos using #AlexJones & #INFOWARS on your own pages. If people search then they’ll find those.


There are a few different ways to go about red pilling. This is one route that may work, but it depends on a few factors. First, name recognition helps spread things faster, either the recognition of what you are sharing, like Alex Jones, or the recognition of the sharer, like if you were Mike Cernovich, Mark Dice, etc, for example. If hundreds of people did this, that would be truly epic. Once you get enough people onboard, then it is tough to stop. other people will then jump on that train, once it got hot, once it went viral. That then becomes a trend, a tradition, a thing that others will long to go after.

But still, it depends on a bunch of factors. So, I spread things on Facebook too. But not like that. I have a page called Trump Nationalism Over Globalism. I spread Infowars there. I have groups I spread things to. I have some profiles as well. So, it really comes down to which ways work better. Which ways are more effective right now, immediately speaking, and/or long-term speaking as well.


Update things are going alright have already had two Community guideline strikes lol

Add me to keep up with everything (that is if your still on Facebook)


I’m done dealing with Facebook…I’ve been banned about 6 or 7 times in the last year…It’s hard to get your message out if EVERY TIME you make points they can’t counter…They ban you…I’m just tried of wasting my time with these idiots.

I was SSSOOO angry the other day when I found out @WarRoomShow was banned there I thought I would explode…

Honestly…I’m FED UP with the Censorship…I’m fed up with our right to free speech being banned…I’m thinking the only place I can make any effective dents in this mess is by going out in the 3D world and record the interactions and share them on all of the Social media platforms that haven’t banned me yet…and with the infowarsarmy…

IDK…I’m just irritated that all of this Censorship has happened with @Realdonaldtrump in the WH…Which is something one would think that would NEVER happen…

But it is…and THAT’S something that I’ve had ENOUGH of!

In many ways we are powerless, in and of ourselves. That’s why we need to use the spiritual weapons of war and pray for the Lord to move & open the doors to us to red pill as many as possible.


I was so angry on Tuesday I posted these on Twitter and Instagram…only to delete them after hearing the State of the Union speech…Which in my opinion didn’t go FAR ENOUGH…BUT he overall he did an AMAZING job with his speech…


Sorry bro I don’t Facebook… Even for the Infowar


@mr_president2028 You have the General Shepherd account?


Nope I just watch the videos lol
But they banned it again


I haven’t been on Facebook in four years brother, if we can’t do everything possible then we will lose. Practice what ya preach my brother, you get into people for not doing enough well this kinda stuff we should be doing in our free time.


I see. I was going to say thank you. I can’t access info wars on Roku any more. I think it may be gone from there for good:( so I really appreciate that channels diligence in keeping info wars available.


Yeah man we all have to do our part if you having a hard time I know of a few other channels that share the infowars show


Awesome. Thanks a ton.


What were they banning you for? People reporting your posts &/or comments that didn’t even go against community standards I assume.


I’m not TOTALLY sure. I did post a lot of political posts in support of #AlexJones & #Infowars…I was banned for posts I made about #DavidHogg that little foul Mouthed wannabe…

Put it to you this way…I’m NOT PC…That should explain it all LOL!


Just seeing this post Amazing idea :raised_hands:


Yeah, you can’t talk bad about their Golden Child.


You can find me on Facebook. But how do we reach people without Facebook?


That’s when you hit the streets to reach people that don’t have Facebook print out an infowar article make like 100 copies out them on people’s cars