Flood facebook/twitter with alex jones profiles


But add my alex Jones page


Wow instabann on Twitter for telling buzzfeed to learn to code


I’ve been banned 4 times on Facebook.

Once for thirty days, for posting anti abortion pics.

The second time for a week, for an undisclosed reason.

The third for three days from auctioning anything, but still able to view; for liking a lot of the infowars pages, about a month ago.

And today for 2 days for the same reason as above.

Look me up I’m under my name- Simon Hailes


I decided to reactivate my account since @OwenShroyer posted instructions on how to live stream on #FacistBook and #twitter

I’m turning on my VPN and do some live streaming of the various #Infowars programs…and see just what transpires…

What can they do ban me again…Been there done that got about 10 tshirts…

I’m on call this weekend so it may not be until later in the week before I can get the ball rolling…


Twitter up date


Facebook update


Twitter update


Facebook update


I like making chat bots for live YouTube videos .


Use all these backup accounts to broadcast the show and upload the special report videos.


I have room for a few accounts on my restream.io system, I am doing all 3 shows each weekday plus both on Sunday and some Saturday special broadcasts. Honestly those short soundbytes hit harder than anything.

I have been developing a timer-like tool to automate OBS with task scheduler. You can find it at GitHub.com/PatriotDevOps. Project is called StreamTool.


Just got this when I was uploading photos to Facebook via my Kerry Pickett account. It must be hate speech to post a picture of some eye holes. 2019-02-12 - Tuesday - 10:10 PM LMS.


@Comment_Wars What frameworks/languages do you use to build the bot? Obviously you probably use a YouTube Google API. I’ve heard of some AI speech/linguistic SDK tools, would be interested in what you are using to make it “smart” or to parse sentences.


It’s apathy that’s gotten us Americans to this point, and what do you think will happen if you don’t get involved in someway now? What’s that quote about insanity…? Oh yeah, insanity is knowing the truth while everyone around you is screaming.