Florida Conservative Coalition Board [creation]


I am opening this thread for people who legitimately want to organize into a community and know who they can call an ally during times of crisis/need. If anyone has a radio frequency they want to broadcast, have any form of communications going, want to organize to bring attention to issues with departments or state legislation, then let the public know so we can support those events/frequencies. You can remain anonymous if you are worried, and give no addresses please, we do not want to be tracked by false flag operations. you can share personal information at meetings. radio transmissions are a better way to keep in contact in real time, please do not track others down.


Didn’t see this thread until now, I’m in Florida.


Contact @Maga_titan on twitter and on Face book & he has a podcast sunday nights i think.


I’m interested, I’ve volunteered in my GOP chapter during both 2016 and 2018 elections and have participated in my campus’s College Republicans. I’m always looking to join other conservative groups here in Florida.


Ol Sarge is here in Florida…over43077950841_d312373d23


S’up man its me Ol Sarge


From where? Bruv twutter?


Orlando and Facebook


Our next meet is going to be at Eustis’s George fest Saturday, Febuary, 23, 6:00pm in Ferran park by the herron fountain.