Florida State Info Wars Group


ITT we will be sending out meet ups and events in South, North, Central, and Panhandle Floridians.

If you are a Florida Info Wars supporter you must be in here. This is also a Florida Info Wars general thread.

Central Florida

If your area of Florida is not shown, PM me so that you can get one started.

Is Anyone Else On This Forum Going To Organize Meet Ups For The Army.?

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January 2nd is proposed next date. I will have a confirmation soon. Same place, downtown sanford in the town square. We will have some signs out this time. And perhaps some other things.

Cheers to Florida!


I had to do some chores today, went to a few places with my father, we both had We Are All Alex Jones shirts on.


Are there any groups in the pinellas county/Tampa area?


I live in mulberry i can do a polk county meet up



If you can find a few info wars followers that would like to meet up in Tamp go for it. I would like to say that an hour drive is the max people should regularly go to these events. They also aren’t a weekly thing either. Personally I don’t know about going to Tampa do your things but that is all up to you. Just make a shout and see if anyone is in the area.


I am in northeast florida in DUUUUUUVALLLLLLLLL!


Where. Have. You. Been? I’m in Nassau. Want to meet up somewhere?


Do you have more information?



Anyone else from Panhandle area? Always down to meet up and exchange ideas.


I’m down. Are we peacefully disrupting it or are we going incognito?


What do you guys think of the hastag I made #FlourideFreeFl? Also just a clarification I don’t mean disrupt as in start a fight like antifa. What I mean is that if we wore infowars and trump gear to the march the feminists would probably see that as a “disruption”


Hashtag is fine, and sure wear Infowars and/or Trump gear


Here’s a picture I made that’s going to go on yard signs. I think that the FL infowars group should start an infowars army competion where we all make signs and see which states can make the best and have the most signs planted. We can vote be simply liking the pictures, but the signs have to be planted in public and we can make a tally of how many are in each state.


Our next meet is going to be at Eustis’s George fest Saturday, Febuary, 23, 6:00pm in Ferran park by the herron fountain. :us:


I used to live in Merritt Island, FL


Hello I’m new here and was reading through some forums. Does Florida have a group? If not we might be able to organize a little better by setting up a Discord server to communicate until the meet ups happen. Let me know if you want me to set one up for us!


Welcome to Infocoms, I’m from Colorado.
I’ve seen people from Florida on here.