Florida State Info Wars Group


Yeah just got back from an event with Alex. We are going to be doing an emailing list but stay tuned to the Florida Thread.


@DuxGinger and I had a great meeting with the Lake County Republicans club. The members of the club turn out to be infowars listeners who want to work with us! We have lots of exciting stuff planned for the future.


This is our next event. History is being recorded right now. Stand up for your basic human rights or be a coward and let tyrants run your life. https://www.facebook.com/events/794924760906439/?ti=cl


I mayyyy be moving to FL (Sarasota)


Awesome! We’ve got plenty of beaches, theme parks and mud crickets in Fl lmao


And alligators. But you can call them swimmy lizards.


I was watching the city council meetups on Infowars with Owen Shroyer and I figured why don’t we start our own Florida city council meet ups. Each person from the city can organize with people in their city and go to the city council on a certain day and record it and we can send it to Infowars to get it put out and also put it out here.


We already have that in motion.

It would be nice if someone may help record for Sanford this monday.


The come and take it march it tomorrow https://www.facebook.com/events/794924760906439/?ti=cl


This is the 2019 come and take it march


It was good to meet congressman Daniel Webster today🇺🇸