For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


I know an island off the coast of India with some natives that would love to hear you preach to them.


@Paladin I have read everything posted here, and because as I mentioned our message is some what aligned even if said by different words.

We whome may claim to be logical, rational, intelligent, intellectuals must already accept that any thing we give may not be accepted and even rebuked.

It’s the wise whome know by the enlightenment not to abuse our right, power. Never shall we call any less then ourselves, how can we honestly if we are human which lives by humanity, logically, rationally.

As I tried to say to you earlier in this thread, it is a matter of give and receive, rather then take.

Even though many of the words you have used are both stolen and borrowed you have used them in a very interesting and intelligent manner.

It’s because of this I appreciate the majority of what you have posted, however my point here is,

“Remember at the end of the day we are the manifestation of a words meaning and the affect unto ourselves, for words are empty and harmless”.

It’s the acknowledge of this that makes our points valid as we do not diminish its meaning by insult, slander, ridicule or even the argument.

Lay it upon the table, let others observe and read willingly. Answer only the questions that lead to deeper understanding, insight and enlightenment.

Toxic food is not good to eat.

Lastly, I was thoroughly disappointed and disgusted at how many of the participants of this thread chose to Express their feelings rather than contributed to a greater understanding. Shame.

I felt this.


That’s what happens when people feel their strongly held beliefs are being attacked. They regard it as a “my belief vs. your belief” fight, instead of pausing to calmly understand the nuances of the argument. It’s like it triggers an emotional flight or flight response. Too bad, really. Without some emotional detachment, how can you possible examine your beliefs objectively?


No. These things require honesty, first before all things.


Of course. Without a bit of emotional detachment it does make it more difficult though. You feel strongly that it is the truth.


Self discovery requires the abandonment of the artificiality, other wise we are only fooling ourselves.

at times very emotionally challenging. Consider also it is illogical to discount emotions, it’s the feeling of enlightenment that we acknowledge it, its not a single thought or happening, so yes emotional experience, hence the difficulty in facing these things honestly and truthfully, for many an impossibility, truth is not a matter for the mind we might say.

However, it’s this truth that leads to infinite consciousness. Telepathy, the language of all living things. We are not meant to acknowledge these things as they are literally the greatest threat to global security… no kidding.

Religion, gods, kings used this weakness for many centuries now, obviously.

I felt great sorrow and pain for humanity. We do not require the belief in religion, god’s, kings, or the artificiality the facilitates their authority above humanity, for this is blasphemy.

I am as is my family for many generations blessed and cursed by such a thing, esp.


For your consideration @Bingozee (and whoever else may be interested)


It dosen’t work like that.

It’s information transferred emotionally, thus by the soulful and its energy, Consider each of us knowing a bit of something, now having the awareness to understand enlightenment received when asked openly, to pray you might say.

Also that the acknowledgement of any given thing comes in time spontaneously. Very rarely are any enlightenments gained instantly, patience is a virtue.

The internet is the mechanical equivalent. This has been known from day one, as there where no words or symbols. We spoke by both telepathy and the body, again an expression of emotion and thought, this is infinite consciousness, when considered globally, Telepathy and esp, natural to all soulful and living thing, the sixth sense, natural voice and first language of every human being. A secret society.

People with esp were at one time hunted because of this proven reality, the insane asylum a result of the captured and study of these many people and the ability over many years, hence the many efforts to keep humanity from acknowledging this truth.

If we all know the truth, it’s impossible to lie. But to know the truth we also must abandon all artificiality. Believe in yourself before all other things.

Consider the symbol, words, object’s and the plethora of other things to keep you from acknowledgement and the enlightenment.

Everyone wants to believe is something…but not their own ability.

Lastly as I say, we are it, all things are manifested by our hands and beliefs, we must accept this responsibility as our own and not of a God or devil, otherwise we are dishonest and deceived to believing in artificiality.


How was HELENS and GRAND CANYON the same?


Why are we not talking about seashells on mountains?


Why are we not talking about Ken Ham?


Well I can shed some light on that the earth is constantly changing mountains are leveled by slow erosion and pushed up by plate tectonics, Oceans become deserts deserts become oceans. Things get hella crazy when the poles shift. From what I’ve read when the poles shirt it is sudden with little to no warning. Hence why seashells can be found at the tops of mountains. Did that help??


Sounds like a story I heard before, what was it?
Can’t seem to put my finger on it…

Was it the tale of a certain Fallen Angel, perhaps?

I also believe there is some higher power, and we can channel it for good or bad. That’s the war we are in: The Best of both Good & Evil. This has been the struggle of humankind since cuneiform. At least that’s what I’ve been taught…

I disagree with this post and had to at least make a point. If you think that religion is wrong, I challenge you to adopt or invent a new spirituality from scratch. If I remember correctly, I heard this same proposition from Dr. Jordan Peterson (A very intelligent guy imo). I think went on further to say “Good luck with that”.

The predominant religions have survived this long for a reason. They function as rules for a given society. If you aren’t ready to provide a better working system, then why are you trying to pull others from their faiths?

Evolution is driven by adaptations to a specific environment.

Why can’t religion be an adaptive response to what we’ve come to recognize as cognition, as well as consciousness but what religions might refer to as the soul? Specifically, as we began to encounter one another from different regions of the earth?

Idk, it’s late and I’m procrastinating hw. Just thought I’d contribute to the convo.

We are fighting against the evil that lies in the darkest parts of our being!
Don’t be tricked by those false prophets!

Stay True to you, and stay close to The Path.
One Love!


Exactly, I am speaking of enlightenment gained over vast periods of time, billions to be more precise, the whole of the human experience, a memory hidden deep in our every cell and recorded in its genetic memory, water, its indestructibilty life inevitably, enlightenment obtained by life eternal.

Our humanity, humanness, the holy thing.


Yep everyone has their own path they must walk and each is different. A new institutionalized religion will do little to nothing to help us with the struggle for our very souls. The path of the enlightened individual with good intent in their hearts that is the path we must take. No matter what you use as your anchor for goodness it’s the fact that you have an anchor powered by the light of GOD no matter what you call it.


How quickly do things happen?


Well some say it happens in as little as one day others say it would take two but, personally I haven’t a clue. A pole shift is when the North and South poles switch some say they go to the east and west others say they just swap. Either way it’s some scary shit.


What about the Grand Canyon?


It has already begun, earths expansion. The question is, last time the last thing living was the size of a mouse, how small this time.

Hence we go deep, as earth expands the thinnest the atmosphere will become. The smaller the thickest like the prehistoric times, earth was much smaller.

Also we must acknowledge earth is much bigger than your told, in short, it’s massive! Hence flat earth theory. Earth is round yes, but much bigger then you think.

Consider what you know is but a fraction of what is.


How do you know that?