For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


You can do a little research, I am sure you will find answers soon enough.


How would anybody know if they were not there?


Lol… how did they learn about the dinosaurs…

Is that even a real question, as I said, do a little research.


Why do Asians talk so much about dragons?


If you blink, you’ll miss it.


Did you see when they asked the Africans about dinosaurs?


Did you not see what they saw flying in Texan sky?


Did you see what Europeans ride some centuries ago?


Here’s a mind fuck for ya, the apple Adam ate was not an apple at all, it was the fruit of the first tree, the marijuana plant, “gods weed” that in prehistoric days was as massive tree, its unripend seed the eatable fruit. Eating this fruit caused the brain from producing htx an naturally occurring endorphin due to Thc, that is similar and that fit these receptors in our brains.

Htx worked to facilitate a connection between our couscous and subconscious minds, allowing greater understanding and awareness of all things. Some will say they have a higher conscious while suffering the affect of thc, the mimic.

It’s this disconnect that is the disassociation of human becoming man, and so the story goes on

Ponder that a bit…


Speaking of that, there is a social network just for that called


Egyptian princess would bathe in the purist honey oil, and applied it to their skin and hair constantly.

Kings also however their use of other drugs such as opioids is well known also. Only kings had the right to experience these other worlds and places, to traverse the plains.


Why do Asians draw dragons?


Unfortunately nothing more then a drug induced artificiality, the game of the ego and the imaginary.

Consider all you can imagine has already been, otherwise you wouldn’t have the memory to imagine it.

We have already accomplished enlightenment. The human being wouldn’t be with out, we would be like all other living beings, but we are not, are we.

We would not perceive, to appreciate.

The sheep knows not of the flock.

You may find the following subjects interesting. Each post has some links to additional information to assist in gaining a greater understanding.

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Would you eat one?? idk man I smoke hella weed idk if I could hang ancient weed fruit sounds legit lol


I have at times smoked, I have also had the privilege of attending the sweat lodge while we used sweet grasses and Peyote, a very interesting experience to say the least.

Ps. I am a white human… I guess a bad thing now a day :slight_smile:

Consider the SECRET of monk’s meditation is in hopes to restore the production of the natural occurrence of these manipulated endorphins, connecting to the subconscious mind, thus infinite consciousness thus enlightenment, such as many other cultures throughout history.

We did a study a while back, where pot smokers where instructed to record their thoughts and feelings during the high, later after they have detoxed we asked them to attempt to recreate these same feelings and thoughts.

We discovered that over lengths of time we do have the capability of restarting this natural production, much like psycho therapy. Many claimed they felt much the same as they did while high but that which occurred naturally.

This was also part study of esp and mk-altra.


So knowing just these few things makes the belief of gods, kings and their authority an artificiality, thus definitely not something occurring naturally.

Consider if we didn’t already know this, there would be no opportunity of a New World Order, put simply.

The New World Order is in fact THE new religion, no different then any other, an artificiality we are forced, manipulated, and conceived to believe and partake in, thus manifesting its actually, a fabrication of reality, when the truth is, none would exist without you and I, period.

Because we know of the awaking, people rediscovering esp, they work hard at preserving their artificiality with machines and technology for without it will fade, like all artificiality, doomed to an inevitable ending.

Consider everything done to the memory of DNA will also be undone over time naturally, this why we see what we do today, all efforts to sustain the godly artificiality of what we call reality.

For without their technology they, and the manipulation and alterations will fade equally throughout history.


The reason we are in this mess is because people like you. The average person is not intelligent enough, and doesn’t have enough time in their lives to study ethics theories, and just like religion they cannot be proven, they are only beliefs just the same. Theres a more complex explanation to Christianity that makes it more rational without sky daddies, but people dedicate their lives to studying such things and you cant expect that of the average person. Christianity works, and has easily done more good in the world than it has done harm. The fundamental ideas western society is based on come out of Christianity. Without it you have people thinking that if they can get all the poor people to agree, its okay to steal all the rich peoples money. Basic bitch tribal shit, nihilism, etc…


I agree fully that people don’t have the time neccessary, yes absolutely, hence the system is designed for that exact reason. Make money.

I will also admit, personally I have not been burdened by such things. Although at I time I was, fortunately for me, I retired in my 20s.

And you’re also correct, each to their own, but never discount others views equally, we can not know anything if we refuse every thing, even that which does not please us most or first, in doing so, we remain naive.


Okay you want rational secular ethics???..
The initiation of force is unethical.
Only voluntary interactions are ethical.
The use of force in response to the initiation of force is self defense, self defense is ethical.
The govt initiates force against others.
I am not asked if I want to pay taxes,
I am not asked if I want to go to jail for a crime such as drugs.
Govt is not voluntary, it initiates force…
Govt is unethical.


I agree…

And what state is that in, how is it working out today… I would surmise not very nicely, even devastatingly.