For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


We are saying much the same thing… so I guess I agree. Religion was also not voluntary.

No different then today, defy authority and you get shot or imprisoned. You have no right, just the illusion of freedom.


So for a couple centuries now people have been saying the same thing you are and we have moved further and further away from Christianity without a way to explain ethics otherwise, now we are in a giant mess and you blame Christianity?

Nobody is going to like secular ethics. As I pointed out above it means no government. If it’s wrong for me to steal from you, then it must also be wrong for the government to steal from me. If its an ethical principal it must be universal.


No I blame no one. But I say we have to be willing to accept the responsibility of ourselves not gods or devil’s.

Consider these statements, one is true and the other not.

“I am a police officer”
“I am acting as a police officer”


“I am a catholic priest”
“I am acting as a catholic priest”

The top of each is false an artificiality, the bottoms true, we are not police or priests, we are HUMANS acting as such.

  1. So Here is My Reply: Why do we need religion? it must be discarded.
    guess where phrase listed in #2. comes from?
    1.1 If you Google phrase at #2., will a computer place you on a list of people who are religious? Or those who are seeking religion? Will that computer then limit your next search so you can not find a group in your area???

  2. “turn from sin and proclaim the Gospel”

I interpret this with my spiritually connected Super Computer humans call the brain as:
What you think, you become.

  1. Forget about now pushing religion on others, if a person has kids, doesn’t a parent have Duty if their child tells them that any person is bothering them to find out who they are, expose the group behind this and then do what is just? Or should that person not do anything and allow that person to molest that child?

  2. So this person is asking then what is the purpose of life? Right? Is it to just get stuff or be in control of everything or is there another purpose? Are we to be happy, sad, have no opinion? If people are going to be happy in this existence, they need to either trial and error it, or start somewhere. Look at Leftists, do they look connected with good?
    4.1 Do I go to the store and not buy a computer with an operating system? Will some things in that computer operating system never change like: I am a computer, I will serve the person who purchased me.
    4.2 If I am a lucky computer, that person will appreciate me and allow me to control the universe…lol.

  3. Of course you would say if a person is born happy, they are just a mind programmed robot, what about the mind programmed robots in the electronic world?
    Are they happy?

  4. If I have time again, I will revise this again…

  5. My last edit, it is not necessary to reply or like this, it is for your benefit and mine.


I am having trouble understanding that, and am not sure if I was intended to respond so unfortunately I can’t. I get some of it but a bit confused. Lol :).

We are not computers. Nor are we anything alike.


Priests dont initiate force against others (except the nasty pedos). Secular ethics means no govt, because govt is the initiation of force. Given that option most people would prefer to be unethical. Christianity is a good compromise. You don’t have to believe in sky daddies to find Christianity powerful and meaningful and a guide to living your life. In my opinion the bible is book of complex symbolic truths embedded in elaborate stories. They are just as powerful to me, if not more so than a literal dude up in the sky. Not exactly a huge fan, but Jordan Peterson has some good videos explaining exactly that.


Sorry I don’t have YouTube videos or Google images to post .

Ps. Pedophilia is a forced action, I doubt it’s voluntary very often.

Pss. I have to sleep lol… night all. Turning out to ba an Interesting thread to say the least


We are not a theocracy, the church isn’t our govt. It sounds like you are looking more for an ideology to explain how we should structure our lives and govt than you are looking for ethics?

Here are some good videos I want to add, that may help you or others who are bothered by Christianity being a driving force for peoples beliefs. He didn’t convert to Christianity, he still doesn’t believe but his perspectives about it changed.

3yrs ago

2yrs ago

1yr ago


Personally I am more interested and inclined to responding to words, expressions, ideas and understanding of our own, not necessarily that which is stolen or borrowed. Or in other words, I do not subject myself to indoctrination.

Because I will not watch these videos I have nothing to answer, respond or reply to, however you will find I am more inclined to respond to people whome choose to speak for themselves.

Night brother, I am sure there will be others here intrested in continuing this discussion.

Take care.


So you have a low IQ and just vomited up a word salads because you cant verbalize your feelings. That’s fine


First of all… evolve into what? I am seeing less religion and more vice, crime, wars… etc, Mothers and fathers are killing their children and vice versa Hollywood is full of rapists and molesters, even elected officials are not immune to to landing on the evening news (not in a good way) I respect everyone and their opinions even when it differs from mine. As a Christian I would NEVER pick up a firearm and go on a shooting spree , for in my religion there are consequences to our actions in life. I see religion and those who practice it now treated as second class citizens. Maybe, just maybe; if more people believed in a higher power we would have fewer crimes and a better world.


Here’s a mind fuck for ya, the apple Adam ate was not an apple at all, it was the fruit of the first tree, the marijuana plant, “gods weed” that even before prehistoric days was considered a massive tree, its unripened seed its TOXIC eatable fruit. Eating this fruit caused the brain to limit its production of anandamide and arachidonoylglycerol, along with other naturally occurring endorphins due to induction of THC, GMO, and the plethora of other thing, Including Frequency, that is similar and that fits these receptors in our brains, also that which stimulates or retards the production of these chemicals.

anandamide and arachidonoylglycerol along with others work to facilitate a connection between our consciousness and subconscious mind, allowing greater understanding and awareness of all things, in effect Quadrupling IQ and overall comprehension, global consciousness. Some will say they have a higher conscious while suffering the affect of THC, the mimic, an Artificiality that keeps us from Reality, and not only THC, GMO, vaccines and the plethora of other things ALL to keep us for the gift of our enlightenment, that they exploit endlessly.

Some Examples.

It’s this disconnect that is the disassociation of human becoming man, and so the story goes on

Ponder that a bit…


Simply a scare tactic to keep you from using your intelligence to its fullest extent. A form a mind control, actually. The fear of hellfire and brimstone, of the “ungodly” use of our brain to ask all manner of questions, of which we are capable to do without shame, is exactly what has prevented the evolution of our species.


A hammer also works. It doesn’t mean it’s right for every application. I would argue Christianity works much like an opiate. Yes it works, but ultimately it numbs the mind and kills the body.

History would beg to differ. Would you like me to cite a few instances of millions upon millions killed in the name of Christianity?


Christianity is a fundamental of the west.

No Christianity?
No West.


You hit the nail on the head. Religion has been around for thousands of years, yet how has it helped us to become more intelligent? Our intellect has soared, as evidenced by technological progress. However, we are still as warlike, tribal and selfish as we were two thousand years ago. The only difference is that now our weapons are more advanced. So if religion has been such a boon to humanity, what exactly has been the benefit? It’s opposed scientific progress at every turn. It has been the cause of murder, persecution, slavery and every manner of atrocity imaginable. It’s nothing but ideological tribalism.


False correlation. And very close-minded I might add. Without an attempt to reform society without it, that’s just speculation.


It isn’t false because you refuse it.

It’s not false. It’s 100% accurate.

There wouldn’t BE freedom and the west without Christianity. IT’s is a foundation of the West.

No Christianity = No west. Period.


Your first statement is about the past. Which I can agree with. Your second statement refers to the future, which is just speculation. You cannot conclude reasonably that because Christianity was fundamental to the formation of western society, that it would be worse off without it. I can cite you countless examples of how religion has hindered western progress. Opposition to science is the first that springs to mind.

That is the essence of evolution. To to do away with useless, obsolete artifacts of past adaptations in order to form a more perfect version.


NOt entirely true.

Christianity is a foundation of the West. The West, does not and cannot exist without it, as that system allows for it’s existence. Without Christianity, you won’t have the West as we know it. It won’t exist as history proves more than feelings.

Christianity built the West, and without it as is shown in real time across the planet, without Christianity, the West dies.

You’re wrong, and your stubbornness to accept Christianity is why you’re wrong.

I know you don’t like to accept some things but Christianity is bigger than people, me or you.