For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


That was point exactly… You want to say religion is the cause of dissension yet you say things like this and refuse to accept that your actions may very well contribute to the same dissension. You cannot say only one thing causes dissension without admitting that what you believe causes exactly the same scenario…

Basically there are all these options and somebody from each side is gonna find fault with the other… So who is truly to blame?? You say I am and I say you are… But which is correct? I claim to know truth, you claim I don’t… I don’t care what you think and you don’t care what I think… You call for the abolishment of belief systems because it bothers you with the dissension it creates and yet I stand here saying why? Let people believe what they want as long as we can all respect one another… And then you say I will talk how I want and it’s others problem if they take offense… There I see circular reasoning… Over and over and over… :pensive:

I respectfully disagree with you… My whole point… You very well could be the best example of the problem you are so throughly against… Whether you realize it or not…


I am not referring to anyone personally. I am speaking of religion and my opinions of it. Once again, if you CHOOSE to take personal offense, that is YOUR problem.

You go back and forth, claiming you believe and then you know as it suits you

History proves this is not possible.
It’s not about “letting” people believe. It’s about educating them that this is a harmful mindset. The same way we are not overtly tribal, because we realize it is primitive, yet we still engage in the ideological tribalism of religion. We haven’t really learned our lesson.
A belief system, as Christianity is, equal to all others under the law, is nothing more than that. You may approach it like the truth but it is delusional to conflate a belief with ultimate truth. It’s simple, actually.


Seems to me anyone in this thread who believes should just walk away. His soul was in his own hands and he’s throwing it into hell by his own choice. Trying to mislead people away from their faith however strikes me as hypocritical considering I’m sure you tell Christians not to shove their faith down your throat. The hell you experience won’t be our doing it will be your own choices in the end. Good luck


Trying to mislead people away from their faith? I would say presenting a better option to blind faith. How surprising, another threat of fire and brimstone. Yawn.


“No other work has more often been blamed for more heinous crimes by the perpetrators of such crimes. The Bible has been named as the instigating or justifying factor for many individual and mass crimes, ranging from the religious wars, inquisitions, witch burnings, and pogroms of earlier eras to systematic child abuse and ritual murders today.” Nadine Strossen


I’m not going to go into this again today… Yesterday was a fluke… I was bored… I have more important things to do now…


Yes, if that’s all your looking for because you think you know the Truth and others dont… Looking for faults is optional, I dont believe people come here Just to do that, do you, I am sure a few but no, not all.

If this was True then what would be the point of this forum in the first place? And if you dont care, why argue or as you said, Try to Prove someone is WRONG, to be honest with you, I have read every post here, and I can not say @Paladin has done the same, he has challenged but not said your Wrong.

I would agree with @Paladin here also, He is correct, why should we PRETEND, consider this may not be in our NATURE and I say our because I am very much the same way, I say what I choose, I have little concern for whom will accept it or agree to it, and expect that if argued, that the participant knot what there talking about before hand. You have witnessed people challenge me on some of my posts, while admitting it to not even READING it!

WOW I am so confused… If this is True, what was this whole thread about?

Consider also @MamaPotato We are responsible for our selves, No God is making you TYPE, Copy and Paste videos and images, its literally you, I would encourage you to ask yourself, are you being reasonable, Should you consider stepping away for a while. Take a breath.

Of course I am only chiming in, to give an out side perspective, I hope to bring Awareness, I do not intend to offend or choose a side, forgive me.


Why are you not walking away from your religion of arrogance?


Why are you against persuasion?


But what can we do right now?


Apparently you either didn’t read everything or you misinterpreted what was read…

Those are just a few examples where he stated we were wrong…


This debate began on a post I made for encouragement to others and has carried over into two separate posts… You are right in the fact that I make my own choices… As far as being reasonable… I could say I think I am and you would probably counter because you don’t think so… Does that make either of us correct? It’s all about perspective.

I would have you consider this question…

Are you so desperate to make what knowledge you have seen that you literally inject it into everyone else’s debates because you believe it to be relevant? Shouldn’t you maybe consider that you should give it a rest and stop trying to bring attention to yourself and what you know…take a breath and rest maybe?? Just saying… :wink:


It’s actually your intellect that you should keep in check. It will inflate your ego, or false-self.
True intelligence can be used for both good and evil, but when you try to question or spin the rules of reality, or the way in which the universe works regardless of our comprehension of it, then you invite more trouble than you might be able to handle.

Not all of us were gifted with access to the planes of higher cognitive activity, needless to say that the powers that be have done what they can using their intellect to suppress the commoner’s intelligence. At least, that’s how it’s been presented to me, feel free to disagree.

In an attempt to find common ground:
Go ahead and question “God” if it helps. I started with “What is ‘God’?”, and now here I am. I ended up going full circle and respecting the concept. I don’t think empty platitudes such as " this is exactly what has prevented the evolution of our species" without a reasonable explanation as to how you reached that conclusion helps anyone besides yourself, or your false-self (ego); meaning that you talk w/o saying anything.
We are constantly evolving, given that we are challenging ourselves daily. A lot of us are facing environmental challenges in the form of bills, dangerous criminals, and in the Midwest of the US right now are dealing with 65 degrees below temperatures! Sure that last example would need to be prolonged to really see any changes (beyond our lifetime), but that’s how evolution works.

Our survival has become more lenient compared to before civilization was accomplished, but to suggest that we are becoming stagnant because we adhere to traditions that have accompanied our species up until this point, I think, is really dumb.
But I could always be wrong.


I consider myself an novice-adherent to Buddhist beliefs, so do with this what you will:

Christianity is very much potentially the redeeming document for humanity to overcome the wickedness that exists in every single one of our beings.

I didn’t use to think this way, but current events have demonstrated to me that indeed We are resisting a system of Satanic control over the human race. This control is centered around some of the most powerful influencers of society (Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, etc.) who could use their capabilities for good, but instead invert it and use it for benefit, at the expense of the undesirables (unwashed, incompetent human beings)

My own ego, my false-self, doesn’t blame them one bit. If they got this far, and if and only If they successfully construct their scientific dictatorship (absolute power) then maybe they deserve it? Both the ignorant masses and those who gained control of the world.

But I know that isn’t my dharma.

“Heavens a journey, but Hell is right around the way”
(Whoop whoop to any Juggalos present)


You were wrong insofar as your reasoning. I was addressing your logic, not you personally. Context matters. Is it so difficult to understand?


What is your problem anyway? All you do is post stupid nonsensical questions as if being an idiot is your full time job. If you want to address the topic, then fine, but if you’re going to attack me, then it just shows you have nothing to contribute.


I’ll just leave this here…


Trying reading the thread and you you see plenty of instances I gave pertinent examples and evidence for my position.

I would go further and say that we are actually devolving, not stagnating. The more our intellect advances, the more responsibility we must have for what it produces. The consequences for our irresponsibility grow proportionately. If the consequence for our lack of intelligence means the eradication of our species, then it clearly shows we are not learning. As Alex Jones is fond of saying, if you’re not expanding, you’re contracting. I think that metaphor applies here. We are on the verge of an artificial intelligence revolution. How ironic that we have given up living up to our full potential for intelligence, so instead we have transferred it to a machine who we “hope” will use it for the benefit of mankind. The ultimate risk, the pinnacle of intellectual achievement, and yet the dumbest thing we could possibly do as a species.


Fair enough, I could agree with the 2nd part of what you said. As for the first part, I responded do what I read, so I might have missed the thread. I’m new to the social networks of today, so I’ll ask that you please excuse my missing it.
yes, we are devolving because that’s how Eugenics works. They have been doing everything they can think of to dull the edge of our collective intelligence.
As for AI: I agree w/ the notion that technology advances as far as it’s military applications go. I mean that so long as it can be used against the masses (large groups of human dissidents) then tech will bend in that direction.
AI will probably be the capstone to the World-wide Eugenics program we are enduring day-to-day.

But some might say that the greatest war that one will ever fight is within themselves; the battle for your soul via good vs evil.

To which I’d say: Choose what you will, so long as it’s purely your decision. Both exist, and will probably continue to exist as long as our species doesn’t go extinct.
Which would be most acceptable with the New World Order, and those among us who align with them.

Make your choice and be prepared to stick it out, because Evil makes cowards who will jump ship as soon as the tides turn and their reality comes crashing down.


So do you consider my logic separate from my person? Most would say they are one and the same… :thinking: I would like to understand if you would not make it so difficult :wink: