For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


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@Paladin accuses other people of the very things he does himself.


@Paladin refuses to address how the future orbits from the past, the principles, the patterns, logically speaking.


@Paladin probably doesn’t want to talk about what happened when they started taking God out of the schools in the 1960’s.


I don’t want to speak with idiot/troll hybrids like you. Now, kindly fuck off. Apparently, I am not the only one who wants you to fuck off.

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I agree the conundrum, indeed.

Nor do I, but It’s not Technology that is hurting us, its the improper and manipulated use of it, the weaponization of it, We have come by Technology, for no living thing can surpass the firmament alive or living. Consider NOTHING is new, All that we see has in FACT been in some way or another, All that we can imagine and Revers-engineer, We do not CREATE, we are a REPRODUCTION of the MEMORY, IMAGE of Humanity, and all living things, It’s True Religions and beliefs in Gods and Kings is not a requirement of Humanity, but Technology is absolutely, for without, we would not be, Life yes, Humanity, No.

Consider also the ONLY thing ever “Written” was INSTRUCTION of how to interact with TECHNOLOGY.

I am human, and I also agree I also see things differently.

Is that a possibility. If we wanted to do this, we could just upload ourselves to the net, without belief what is the point of living? Like immortality, what value would life have if it hadn’t any (Death, memory and cherished moment). without these things would life have meaning?, and we should consider it is these things that allow Humanity to observe nature, life and the living vary much as it is and how we have come to perceive them, Very much as spearheads over there fields and flocks of the natural thing. Consider also that without Belief, and Mortality Humanity could have never achieved enlightenment, that we are the manifestation of all things, If we believe it will become eventually, be it for good or evil.

Lastly in the case we are referring to the belief in artificiality, then I completely AGREE in away, It’s not belief, rather that its has become TOXIC, and a Tainted thing, by the indoctrination, Religions, Governance, Education, and the plethora of other poisonous thing unto Humanity.


A quote only you could come up with lol

I don’t know if the problem is with “belief” per say as it is systems of belief. Once belief becomes crystallized into a systematic set of dictates and rules, then it becomes fixed and unyielding. Beliefs, if taught to be more like hypotheses, open to criticism and change, might be beneficial, as long as it is not conflated with truth. As long as we can live with what MIGHT be true without the insecure reflex to delude ourselves into thinking we KNOW then our intelligence might be more in balance.


Yes I understand, 100% and I also agree, I too wish for very much the same thing.

PS: “menstruation” still kinda works in sadistic way lol :slight_smile:


hay wanted to thank you for your contribution I have appreciated it. I am going now, I have been waiting for a few days, but the Train is in town, time to get aboard, I am not sure when I will be able to visit this community again, but I will definitely look to see if any one is home :slight_smile:

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From Thelsz pm to me:



@Thelsz Best post of this thread. Bona fide example of religious fanaticism gone wild. Complete abandonment of reason. Threats of accusations of harassment for answering his nonsensical drivel. LMFAO. What’s even more richly ironic is that @Thelsz started another thread, highlighting an example of an irrational person. I wonder why didn’t he link to his posts here? lol


Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Roman’s 1:22 must have had this guy in mind


I hope for creative, productive, and actual possibility’s.

Cheers All.

Christianity Didn't Help Western Civilization - The Future Doesn't Spawn From Those Patterns?

The OP pretends to be against religion but is not.


Fuck off troll, flagged.


@Paladin did not say which religions are to be discarded as there are variations therein.



George Carlin is right about religion, but what about the Bible?


What is the difference. Isn’t the Bible the user’s manual?


If there is no difference, @Paladin, between religion and the Bible, then you are totally right.


George Carlin - The Ten Commandments