For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


The only thing I can say to this, is if you CALL or consider yourself to be anything other then a HUMAN then I have empathy. Titles are the Disassociation, thus the example of its truth, Human becoming Man, the sheep, lamb, the harvestable and expendable beast and other sacrificial thing, A soldier in any Army.

MAN: “I am a Police Officer”
HUMAN: “I am acting as a Police officer”

MAN: “I am a Doctor”
HUMAN: “I am acting as a Doctor”

MAN: “I am Alexander Jones”
HUMAN: “I am acting like Alexander Jones”

MAN: “I am the Pope”
HUMAN: “I am acting as the Pope”

MAN: “I am a God”
HUMAN: “I am Acting as a God”

MAN: “I am Christian”
HUMAN: “I am acting as a Christian”

MAN: “I am Catholic”
HUMAN: “I am acting as a Catholic”

What are you again, or are you just a HUMAN Acting?


Sorry, how does this relate to the topic?


HUMANITY, humanism and our humaneness do not come by Religion, So if Religion must be Discarded so must the illusion that we are anything more then what we are, HUMAN, not Sheep, Lamb, or other sacrificial thing.

The Question we need to ask is, WHAT ARE WE REALLY… not what is EVERYTHING else…

No matter the BELIEF of Religion or GODS, it Start and comes only by “You” and “I” and the IMAGINARY, LITERALLY Humans failing to accept and acknowledge this responsibility as there own that is not of Gods or Devils, we are not so immature or naive to believe or partake in its artificiality.


Sounds like you might be a humanist.


I am also Forgiving.

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That’s debatable, if you’re up for it. :wink:


I’m too tired for debate. It just isn’t my style anyways. I like to talk over a meal and a drink. But that’s me.


Personally, I’ve seen god. It looks like a sphere of water in space with many tentacles coming out of it and tentacles coming out of the tentacles. It’s invisible yet perceivable, like water in that it is transparent yet it can bend and reflect light.

The way in which god can be seen like this is only if a person is connected directly to their god body. The god body is the body that contains a person’s will that creates the images in the imagination. Creating objects in the imagination is the act of a god creating. That’s the first evidence.

The god body does not exist in the universe. The universe is made of moving (i.e., expansion & contraction = 3D vibrations in geometry) torsion fields/energy and objects of energy can only perceive other objects due to vibrational differential. Because the god body is not part of the universe, nor is it made of energy it cannot be seen by anything in the universe. This is why one must connect to their god body to see god.

Consciousness consists of four bodies - physical, mental (thoughts), soul (emotion, belief, and memory), and then the god body (will and imagination). Sin is the false beliefs in the soul body and that causes a geometric misalignment from the lower bodies, hence, duality consciousness, and it is this geometric misalignment that causes one to be blind and not perceive anything higher than the mental body, except through information channels, an indirect connection through cording where information can move back and forth.

What Jesus was teaching was how to resolve the false beliefs and regain a connection to the god body, where one transcends mankind into godkind, and from there you can grow your god body via the blood of god that is delivered via an umbilical cord, known falsely in religion as the holy spirit. As the god body grows it is capable of comprehending and observing its environment on that level, which includes perceiving god.

So the only one who will ever have any evidence of god are those who create a connection to their god body. If anyone doesn’t want to do the inner alchemical transformational work to create that connection then they’re screwed in perpetual blindness wondering if god exists.

As a church founder, I teach immortality. Only the ultimate knowledge of the truth of life can one know the path to resolving mortality and becoming immortal. Because the root word in religion is lig, which means lie, the combined definition of all three syllable is to repeat and become glorified lies, which is social engineering or the recipe for brainwashing. The cause of evil and death, which is also known as satan, is false beliefs. Religion is based entirely in false beliefs which is why it creates only evil and death. The only realistic way to rid the planet of religion is then to teach the truth that religion slanders, to see the benefit of it in solving world problems, which is why I created my church.


I’m interested in what you think of this. This was a response of mine on another thread:

I don’t deny that there are good Christians, non-fanatical believers that are kind-hearted and compassionate. My criticism of Christianity is only part of a larger criticism of religion in general. I suggested in another post, the agnostic thread I think, that religion serves as a survival mechanism for the brain. In a similar way as to when the mind will disassociate into fragmented personalities to cope with the trauma of mind control, as an adaptive survival mechanism, the brain, constantly faced with the insecurity and uncertainty of life seeks order out of the chaos and thus constructs its own image of truth, as separate from the mind and something to be reached by conformity to the established doctrines.

The illusion is so strong that it quickly moves from a belief to “knowledge”. If you’ve convinced yourself there is a god, as a matter of fact, then it is impossible to believe in it. You cannot believe in a fact. A fact can only be known. But the mind has constructed the fact, so it must move from belief to the illusion to knowledge. To admit that one only has a belief in the “god” that one’s mind has manufactured (as a supposed fact) puts the mind in a state of cognitive dissonance. It believes there is a god, which is “known” as a matter of fact to exist. It cannot reconcile between belief and knowledge, so it MUST choose. It always chooses the illusion of knowledge. Again, ask any theist if they believe in god. They will all say yes. Then ask if they know god exists. They will all say yes, without hesitation. This is the mind’s power of deception. Hope that makes sense.


The only thing debatable is whether (is that the right whether?? Me know no grammar) or not your an Illegal that has come over here and got everything for free & you piss on religion that this country was found upon!! Take a hike u buffoon!


You are indeed correct.


The first paragraph I would, for the most part, agree with. It is a survival/coping mechanism to deal with suffering in life. Religious people are damaged and they tend to cling onto that which comforts them, even if its lies. If it makes them feel fake peace, then they tend to go for it.

One can believe in a fact. A fact is really a truth. Beliefs are what consciousness accept as truth. So one’s beliefs can be in alignment (at one) with truth or out of alignment.

Is god real? Yes. Is the Christian/biblical god real? No. The religion assigns personality attributes to god that only an evil satanist would possess. If you believe god holds specific attributes then you will become one with those attributes, which is why Christianity is a satanic religion that deceives its victims/followers into worshiping satanism, slavery, and death. This is why the religion brainwashes people to just believe without experiencing god, because if you did experience god, they would come into knowledge that god is not punishing, demanding obedience to serve him, nor does he have any wrath. Servitude under threat of harm are attributes of a slave owner, a satanic being who is angry, jealous of others so they get angry and violate people for selfish gain, and will even harm and kill to get their way - and this is the biblical god.

When you combine this brainwashing with the idea that a person is saved when they’re not, then tend to believe that they are ‘god’s righteous people’ and they will believe that anyone different is not righteous. Because they are brainwashed to believe satanism is godly, they will judge people falsely which is sinful acts, which just demonstrates the satanism of their religion.

The religious tend to believe in truth without experience and so they redefined (lied about) the concept of faith. Faith is the knowledge and aligned beliefs of truth experienced, but the religion says its the things hoped for and that’s a lie. So they’re conditions to be satanic, told their saved by saying so-called magic harry potter phrase as if they’re a wizzard, and then brainwashed to believe in a future event that will not happen. All this combined creates the scenario of people becoming at one with satanism, slavery, and death, and so they never get involved in addressing real evil because they are participants in the evil.

Christianity is a satanic, antichrist, murderous, death cult that converts victims into becoming servants of death and destruction. You have Christians like Alex Jones promoting slavery via Capitalism and because they’re brainwashed to believe these satanic qualities are godly they actually believe its good when in fact its evil. AJ fails at creating freedom because he’s a promoter of slavery. You can’t get freedom from promoting slavery. He’s an example of how religion brainwashes people to be servants of evil and then hates freedom and life. “I believe living forever (what Jesus taught) is a sin” - Alex Jones quote.

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Do you believe a triangle has three sides? No, you don’t believe, you know it for a fact.

This is a similar belief to an atheist. You think you know for a fact the Christian god doesn’t exist. The agnostic does not presume to know. It might or might not.

You assume you can know and ignore the question of HOW you can know.

False. Faith is belief, an attachment to an idea. Knowledge involves provable facts. Conclusions cannot be drawn before the proof is made, i.e. God exists, THEN seek evidence to support it.

I understand your criticism of Christianity, but your belief in the religion you have created still begs the epistemological question, of how do you know. The same thought processes apply in the creation of yours, but you haven’t addressed the second paragraph at all. Does it make sense to you? Of course you don’t have to agree but do you get it?

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The freethinker knows anything that can happen has happened and will happen again, possibilities are endless. Past present and, future all happening at the same time, time as we know it is very linear due to our short life span. So there for the fact that every possibility can and, will happeb means there is likely a GOD. Maybe not how us small minded humans think of GOD but maybe we as sentient life-forms have that spark of light of GOD. We as a people need to find a balance of Science & Faith why should we stummble around in the darkness. We are inquisitive beings so of course we would ask questions however we do have a route in a spiritual nature.

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If we are speaking in terms of probability, I would say this is a fair statement. I would not agree, but it is fair. I take issue with anyone claiming to know for a fact god exists (or doesn’t).

Me Against The World

I only claim to know that the fact we as humans have a Divine Spark when we arnt being co-oped we can do very beautiful things (can you honestly say humans are ugly beings)