For humanity to evolve, religion must be discarded


Having experienced a triangle, I have faith, because of the experience, that a triangle has three sides. Faith is the knowledge (information) of truth, which means your beliefs about it are at one. One can believe a triangle has three sides. The effect of that choice to believe that is that they will behave insanely when confronted with three sided triangles.

Beliefs are what determine how a person responds to anything. If you have no believe then you don’t know how to respond to something. That’s why not knowing is similar to fear because fear causes one not to act. The part of the physical structure of a memory in the soul body is the belief, which is attached to the memory, and because of free will one can chose to believe whatever they want about the information/memory they attained. That colors people’s primacy response when faced with situations. Social engineers use this fact of consciousness to brainwash people with false beliefs. False beliefs are believing in something that isn’t real and the resulting behavior is one of insanity, destruction, and evil.

A person with faith in god, meaning, having experienced god, can know god and therefore at the same time also know that other supposed gods are not real by the deviation in attributes given to the supposed god. So the reason why religious people are brainwashed to believe in things blindly/without experience is because experiencing reveals the truth and thus the false beliefs cannot be implanted in the victim.

Who a person is, is dependant on their belief system being that the choices people make are based on that. That’s how you can know who a person is by the observation of their actions. Agnostics then are predictable. They don’t believe its possible to know god or ultimate truth. Because when a person is a non-believer (says non-believer, a type of belief, not believeless) they will never experience what that belief pertains to. Agnostics will never attain ultimate knowledge because they don’t believe it can be known.

I don’t believe in god because of any need. I do because that establishes the destiny of one who would experience god and then having experienced god that validates the belief. One can choose to establish a belief under the premise that it can be wrong if there is no corroborating discovery to establish that the belief is a true belief. This is not mental illness. This is how you find truth. I learned at a young age that when I shit my diapers my skin itches and gets rashy and then life sucks. Then there were these magical beings that knew how to resolve that situation, called parents, who possessed a knowledge and ability I did not have and by experiencing these beings showing me the way I learned truths that eliminated the sucky part of life and my life was improved. My knowledge and proper use of the belief system created the destiny of one where I now know and understand immortality and I may never have to experience death, but you will for sure because your belief that this ultimate knowledge cannot be known and because you’re content with a life of suffering (i.e., mortality), will establish the destiny of never knowing and having a suckier life than I.

I find agnostics to be similiar to theists in that they choose to believe in something without evidence. A negative cannot be proven. You would have to occupt every point in space, time, and dimension at the same time and bring all of that information into one place and be able to scan that information to completion just to prove something cannot be done. Obviously, that’s not going to happen. Considering that the universe is designed as a fractal, holographic geometry and how our consciousness exists within that structure, anything is possible. It’s only a matter of discovery of how its done and the pathway to achieving it. This is why believing in something is necessary create the destiny to ultimate truth.

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Ask a mathematician, even one who believes in god, if they agree with that statement.


You are not familiar with agnoticism. This is a falsehood.

Belief: something believed; an opinion or conviction:a belief that the earth is flat.

confidence in the truth or existence of somethingnot immediately susceptible to rigorous proof:a statement unworthy of belief.

confidence; faith; trust:a child’s belief in his parents.

a religious tenet or tenets; religious creed or faith:the Christian belief.

And how is that a bad thing? Without belief you respond to it as it is, not interpreted through the lens of belief. Like life, for example. Your beliefs color and filter your experience. There are some that wish to take the glasses off and experience it directly. Some people need them, others don’t.

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Not going to happen. Not now not ever. God is real, Jesus is coming back and there is no hope for humanity without them. In fact we would not exist without them.

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Sadly, I agree with you. Which is why we are developing AI that will not be religious. We’ve transferred that hope of evolution to robots…

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A belief is what one accepts as truth. And the two states of belief is to be in our out of alignment with the reality of something.

So when an atheist says they don’t believe in god that is a belief in an negative. It’s the same thing as saying “I believe god doesn’t exist”. That is the belief in a negative.

Agnostics, technically, are insane, because they’re saying that they believe that they don’t believe. That’s a paradox - “a statement or proposition that, despite sound (or apparently sound) reasoning from acceptable premises, leads to a conclusion that is senseless, logically unacceptable, or self-contradictory”

Agnostics seem to work to avoid using the word belief and instead replace it with evading phrases such as “we honestly accept” or “our view is”. Both are beliefs. They think they can be clever and divorce the human experience from beliefs themselves but that’s suffering a delusion, which leads to the truth that they have yet to truly understand what a belief is and its role in consciousness.

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If you can’t conceive of not believing in anything, maybe you’re insane. What’s so hard to imagine? Not everyone cares to search for truth. Some are content to not presume to know what is going on, so they choose not to believe in any religion or ideology that proclaims to know. It’s simple, really. What don’t you understand? We use our time for more practical endeavors. Betrand Russell seems extremely sane to me. You should read some of his writings.

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Where have you seen that? An agnostic can have an opinion about things, but regarding the concept of God, there is no opinion. It’s simply maybe he exists, maybe he doesn’t. Period. How is that a belief? If there were to be evidence presented to show he exists, then it would be a fact. Again, the agnostic doesn’t presume he CAN even know, so how can there be a belief if there is no resolution of the epistemological question?

So your position is humans are incapable of living without belief. And mine is that they are. Fair enough. We can agree to disagree.

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I understand where you’re coming from, but I simply disagree because it does not fit into reality, explain life, nor offer solutions. It’s useless because it’s based in delusion.

“The perspective of the sane from the insane is that the sane is insane”. I bet Bertrand Russel doesn’t acknowledge this one because he’s guilty of it. He ‘seems’ extremely sane TO YOU. Seems = appears to be on the surface. That’s because you believe in what he does. I don’t because it’s useless in life.

Philosophers cherry pick to suit whatever they want to believe, then they act like they’re more intelligent than god by inventing philosophies, which are derived from invented beliefs, which are delusions, and because of their ego, where they make stuff up, become intellectual thugs seeking to fight as if that ever accomplishes anything. All of this demonstrates insane behaviors, which I would say you’re now engaging in because have I not already (past tense) explained why I disagree with you? Now you think I’m insane because I don’t agree with you? Is not that psychological projection, blaming me for what you are guilty of?

Considering this thread is about discarding religion so humanity can heal (not evolve), Agnosticism should be included because whether you like it or not, it’s a belief system based in lies, which is what the root word lig means!

I’d like to also point out that your behavior here is much like theists who can’t help but shove their philosophy down other people’s throats because they’re in some self-righteous mode acting like they’re right and everyone else is wrong, even when you point out obvious fallacies in their belief system, such as in your case, that you believe that you don’t believe = contradiction = delusion.

I’m done here primarily because I don’t debate. I share info for the purpose of discovering the truth of life. Luciferians debate because it’s a “my beliefs in this corner vs. your beliefs in that corner”. Who cares what anyone believes. It’s the truth that matters. You said “I’m interested in what you think of this.” By your actions you weren’t interested in what I think, but rather wanted to fight because that’s all your doing here. Everyone who fights eventually always looses because there’s always someone out there more developed than ourselves and fighting that person would be stupid. Because that’s what is happening here that’s why I’m done. Enjoy your Agnostic religion.

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Sorry, I stopped Reading at this point…

You have the intention to Build your own Church, what then is the Difference?


Fine, you want to debate? I win. With a screen capture from your own post, having put your foot in your mouth, contradicting your own BELIEFS. So if you want to live without beliefs then you’ll need to renounce Agnosticism because its a doctrine aka set of beliefs.

I reject your RELIGION, Paladin. Get over it and lose with some grace vs. going crazy by flinging insults like a bully in 3rd grade, committing defamation of character, and accusing me of what you just did (psychological projection).

You may want to spit out Bertrand’s ‘kultaid’.


If you subscribe to any religion, you lose no matter how much you indoctrinate or convince yourself otherwise.

Also I have to wonder, that once a hypocrite has not only exposed but has also demonstrated hypocrisy should the hypocrites statement be acknowledge as any more then the hypocrites hypocrisy…

Personally I have no respect for the hypocrite or fanatic.

“I didn’t Do it, God made me do it!”
“My Gods, better then yours!”
“I am right, your Left!”
“Bullshit and”

Such foolery.


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Delusion #1. So why has your epiphany not been recognized? Surely the world has been waiting for a Messiah, and you DO claim you are the Messiah. So why have I never heard of you? I can’t even find your website doing a search on Google. Is Google censoring the Messiah?

This is really ridiculous, but I will do my best to unpack exactly how deluded you are.

You seem to think your opinions are the truth. Not just delusional, but bordering on mentally ill. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you start calling people crazy, don’t start whining when they call you stupid.

Delusion #2. You reject established religions, and have created your own in their place. This is self-evident.


Also you:

Delusion #3. You contradict yourself. First you say that in order to live free of beliefs, I would have to renounce agnosticism, which I have. Instead of acknowledging you do not have a response to this, you contradict yourself and claim living without beliefs does not make sense.

Delusion #4 You use the dictionary to prove your point regarding the definition of Agnosticism and “doctrine” but then reject the dictionary definition of words that you yourself use. Namely: church, something, and emotions. None of the dictionary definitions agree with your interpretation. A church is clearly defined as a Christian institution or public worship of God. Something is not defined as “everything”. Emotions are by definition unrelated to beliefs of belief systems. You are clever in your use of words, nothing more. To the naive, they may accept unquestioningly your complete reworking of the definition of words to suit your cult’s doctrines, however any intelligent person can easily see through it.

I could say exactly the same about agnosticism. We are limited in our use of words, so sometimes the word most closely related to an idea does not capture it fully, but we use it nonetheless. To live without belief is to live simply in doubt of “messiahs” like you and established belief systems. Like you claim, it’s best understood by experiencing it. Don’t be hypocritical please and try to apply a double standard whereby you get semantic wiggle-room, but no one else does.

What’s the more reasonable prospect? That I am delusional for not believing in a “messiah” like you and all systems of belief, or you are delusional to claim to be the “messiah” and have the answers to all the world’s problems?

Delusion #5. Your claim that you are not a cult.

You are in fact a cult leader. You claim knowledge of ultimate truth, the answers to all the world’s problems, you claim to be the “Messiah” and you demand financial support. If that is not the definition of a cult, then I don’t know what is. But I understand your denial of the truth. It’s hard to market a cult as a cult if you want to attract followers.


Belief is an emotion . … In the same way that we cannot distinguish emotionally between the past and future, or even between dreams, memories and reality (all of these stimulate the brain in the same way), our beliefs become real, not because they are real, but because we see what we believe.


We’re dealing with the dictionary definition, but I can understand how it can be expanded to describe what you are talking about. We’re not talking about preconceived notions or biases, we’re talking about attachment to a strict set of dictates and dogma. And yes, of course, out past emotions influence how we respond to new experience. It is a type of conditioning. I wouldn’t say that belief “is” an emotion, rather, that emotions do color the impressions we form of our experience. I use the word “belief” to describe those ideas to which people are attached to and are unyielding to change in the face of new evidence to the contrary.