Former Parkland school deputy arrested on 11 charges tied to shooting

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It’s about time! This coward hid and would not engage the enemy at a very crucial time when innocent lives were on the line!
Personally I don’t know how one sleeps at night knowing they could have saved lives but instead cowed in fear.


I agree 100% I saw this article and it put a smile on my face :smiley:


It put a smile on my face as well. Mark Levinne has been all over this on his show this evening as well. Perhaps it will give those poor families some closer!


You think he is a Patsy? The fall guy? Perhaps…Wouldn’t doubt it one bit! But he was proven to be hiding during the gun shots,the question is,was he told to stand down or was it on his own accord? Brower County is corrupt to the core and would not surprise me if he was the fall guy.


I fully agree! You know Timothy McVeigh said the same thing about the voices in his head on multiple occasions. These are all delta mind control victims. Victims who often have no clue when an altar is being activated and used for these exact events. Cruz was the fall guy to the false flag and the security guard was, or may have been compromised well in advance as well without him even knowing. Crazy shit for sure man!


The job was a costume. they didn’t take it to assume any actual threat of harm, they took it for protection and the free ride.


That to me anyway is still no reason to cower in fear when innocent children and people are being gunned down though.
I live about 200 yards from a school in a very rural area here in Texas, I have a scanner and if I hear a call go out of a gunman at the school,I’m going to school mainly because I can be there well before the Sheriff.
I mean I know what your saying buddy,Maybe a better vetting process would be in order??

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