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(Lord we ask for your protection as we learn about our/your enemy) :pray:







Whoa. Lets get this library up for everyone to understand their enemy.

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Yes mtv headquarters is a Masonic temple


As well as the jimmy kimmel show building. Zoom in and read the top of the building



Absolutely nuts鈥his is going to be a deep dive - thanks for everything!



Pike is also buried in D.C. In the grand lodge which is directly at one of the points of the pentagram


More Pike:



Excuse me it鈥檚 at the eye of the pyramid




Guest: 鈥淛immy Kimmel, hey, aren鈥檛 we in a Freemason building?鈥


My great great grandfather, Heyman Rosenberg, was a 32nd degree Free Mason. My great grandfather, Charles Greenman, who married Heyman Rosenberg鈥檚 daughter, was also a 32nd degree Free Mason. My great great grandfather died when my dad was 2, but my dad chilled with Charles Greenman and he once was driving my dad and got out of a traffic ticket by showing the cop his Masonic ring. There are 33 degrees in Free Masonry and Jews like my family can only get to the 32nd degree at most. I have heard many stories passed down through generations of my family about Free Masonry and I will never join because I feel like it has become Satanism at its highest levels, although it historically used to do good things. Even my ancestors did nothing bad, but they were aware of it. Heyman Rosenberg is actually famous for immigrating to the US from Russia before communism broke out, gambling all of his money away on the boat ride over, putting himself through engineering school in NYC anyways, and inventing the self tapping screw, which saved the torch on the Statue Of Liberty and is still the most commonly used screw today. He also had over 200 other patents. He literally lived the American Dream.

The main problem with these secret societies is that they have either been slowly infiltrated by globalists (like with the Free Masons) or infiltrated by globalists from the start.

My great great uncle (grandpa鈥檚 uncle on my dad鈥檚 side), was Abraham Tulin. He was part of the first World Jewish Congress [had to edit that because I got the name wrong at first] and I am certain from reading many books from his library that it was infiltrated by globalists from the start while it had some good people in it like my Uncle Abe. He helped get Albert Einstein to escape Nazi Germany and they became really good friends. I鈥檝e heard all sorts of stories about Al, and he was just as crazy and brilliant as everyone says that he was. Uncle Abe gave a ton of money to help start the Technion and got his good friend Al to donate a ton of money too. The Technion is Israel鈥檚 oldest university that predates the founding of the State Of Israel and is essentially the MIT of Israel.

Anyways, my ancestors originally thought that they could infiltrate the globalists and slow their plan, but realized that we would have to fight them generations down the road. With knowledge that has been passed down to me through my ancestors, I have basically been born, bred, and raised to fight the globalists. That鈥檚 why this forum is the perfect place for me! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to answer them as best as I can.

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I鈥檝e heard that I have had family in the Freemason years ago.


Yes, Amen!ObamaCrimeSpree



^ puppets of the nwo. Who鈥檚 hands are controlling those puppets? I鈥檓 afraid the well is deeper than most want to believe


Oh definitely鈥oros, Rothschild etc.