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Why don’t the crazies ever want to take this statue down? ( Didn’t look yet if they have {guessing they haven’t}).


Same, my mom’s dad was a low low level mason…his wife my grandma made him stop, and wouldn’t bury him in the clothing garb he had!
My mom says she remembers being at like 8 a “Jobs Daughter” and would go with my grandpa…
She said it was fun for an 8 year old and her sister went too… but she’s a Christian also and said even back then she thought it was very ritualistic.





445625077_67e5297bbd why did France give us a statue of a Greek Goddess. Also there is illumanati in the Statue of Liberty.


France didn’t. French freemasons did


On the statue


The designer designed it after men (no joke) who cut their genitals off, wore robes, and put stars around their head. Illuminati occult 100%.



Its hard to distinguish what is real and what is a dead end. The truth is there are interdimensional beings that want us dead. Alex & Q have been pointing to that. We need to find out who run these people. Even if we defeat our cabal. The people that fund it are still out there and will just refund it.


Sorry guys im new to forum boards. Dont know how to uae them really.


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My father was a freemason and a WWII Veteran I know he wasn’t involved in any of the Illuminati garbage - the Pastor of the Baptist Church me and my dad attended was a 33 degree Grand Poohbar of the Scottish Rite Temple - our Founding Fathers were all Freemasons ! What pisses me off is the Nazi’s tried to portray Washington as a Nazi during their convention in Madison Square Garden in 1933 -

Christ was 33 yrs old when he was crucified on the cross at Calvary and 33 is the highest degree a Freemason can go.

I think a lot of this is the Skull and Bones that people are referring to there’s a big difference. That’s the Bush’s and whoever attended Yale University …John Kerry, George Bush Sr. and his father, just to name a few.


Couldn’t agree more!..

My mother asked me the other day, "what from this life if only one thing would you take and keep "

May answer “memories, so that we can learn to not make the same mistake”.

There is no mystery.

Before Your Mic Is Pulled


Ive been digging down that rabbit hole for a few weeks… Let’s just say I trust no one lol…

Connecting the dots..... 🤔 **Disclaimer** I am only posting these articles I find to share with others the information they may find interesting...these may or may not necessarily represent my actual views... Trump supporters, read at your own risk!



Back to the topic …


Always pointing fingers everywhere but at ourselves… nonsense.


How can we be honest when we fear to acknowledge the honest truth.

Fact of life, if we believe in anything more than ourselves and that this is not our responsibility. to not accept this reality is very much us seeing life blindly, do not put blame unto the other thing, that are the artificiality.


One of my favorite topics… I will start out with this video from 1967.


Deceptions and Dissociation’s.

“Remember that at the end of the day, we are the manifestation of a words meaning and the affect unto ourselves”

The bloods history.

Words work to keep you from it, hence telling Truth while dependent on it very hard to express and translate, it is not made for Truth! it is made to propagate, to deceive that we do not already have the ability to communicate with ESP, mind, soul and body, and the Truths that happen subconsciously, lost translation to the conscious and the bias inspired by such things, as Lies, and Artificiality.

also, it is true, it is easy to put your hands in to the head and hart, but hard to put the head and hart in to the hand. (Heart) is of the physical thing, (hart) is of the soul and mind.