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I keep it simple. I know I have a creator. I know my vessel is corrupt, in a corrupt world. I, by my free, will submit to my Creator’s chosen perfect one, called Jesus Christ in the language I was born to understand. I cannot claim power as my own while I am still in this corrupt form. I wait patiently for the day to come that I will be called out of this corrupt flesh and can be reunited with my Creator/the Alpha and Omega/Yhwh. Until that day I follow the simple terms laid out in the plan of salvation. I also tend to the two humans entrusted to my care as sons. I take the responsibility to lead them back to the Creator very seriously.

Anything beyond that leads to complicated temptations… And ultimately insanity. I feel peace when, thru prayer and petition, I communicate with my Creator. I have been given visions, I have made it thru impossible scenarios and instances where I should have died. I have all the proof I need within my faith and the peace I’ve been given… It’s truly simple…it’s Satan who twists our minds in our pride and weakness making it seem complicated…


I should add that each of us were created for a purpose… And we each have our own part to play. We must come to truth in our own way but it is all ultimately designed by the Creator…


@MamaPotato I understand your view, truly. as I at one time experienced very much the same. However I realized that if I was not Told, or propagated to, would I know? could my life and the life of my family depend on it in reality, and literally? what are these WORDS that people have been in many ways TOLD they must believe. Thus did it come by nature or division, Survival, because we loss Faith in Humanity in effect ourselves, and have become ignorant to that we are It, Consider that with out our perspective, what then would there be relevant to our reality., A perfect image of ALL things mind, soul, and body.

In my mind I could not imagine what God would create or recreate the flawed thing. In my mind if we are in the IMAGE of, then WE are, with out Flaw, that Flaw is propagated, Causing Fear, Denial, and dissociation, leaving us seeking our will power as if it is external from us, but how can it be, if we are all that is?

Remove all religions, all belief, and all things and we are left with earth, you and I. I am only sharing an understand not challenging your own, I am relating to how I also felt Very much as you stated above, at one time, until it comes to life and death.

The following saying is the result of that.
“Paint on the stone will ware, leaving only the stone, Reality”.

Yes I agree…some times serving others rather then ourselves in many ways unknowingly, and unintentionally, thus the Human experience, Unity comes when we can unit by the understanding of this thing, purpose, this may be what saves Humanity.

PS: had to complete some of my sentences lol…


I grew up in church. I was raised on religion, but I did not know truth by being taught. I received divine revelations in the darkest hours of my life… My studies only serve as proof of those divine revelations. I have never derived any good knowledge by way of study, only proof of that which has been spiritually shown to me. Much of what you present could be considered much closer to the truth than most will ever come but, you are trying to put words on things that have much more meaning than words could describe… And until others are given the Divine revelations, they will never understand what you are trying to impart…it will only seem foolish to those who cannot comprehend…I believe that is the reason Christ used simple parables to depart knowledge to people. Most couldn’t understand the magnitude of what He knew. Only a few will ever come to that knowledge and only when they can humble themselves before the Almighty Creator. And even then, you must remain humble and share what you know as simply as possible IMO. So many will never grasp the knowledge as they are blinded with their own selfish pride… But they are without excuse because the evidence surrounds us…

What may be known of God is manifest in them for God has shown it to them. For since the creation of the world his invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse (Romans 1:19,20).

I also would like to apologize for going off topic!!! But this does in a way pertain to the false teaching of the Freemasons… They lead others to a horrible false power deception… Wolves in sheep’s clothing… :pensive: Works without faith in Our only Lord and Saviour Christ, is truly dead…

What's IT about Really?

I agree on my behalf also, it is not the topic but I appreciate sharing @MamaPotato. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I went to the other topic for a continuation of what I was quoting…:grin::+1:

  1. This Revelation Is Nonverbal

This revelation about God does not consist of words-it is nonverbal revelation. The heavens, therefore, offer a silent continual testimony to God.


I hope all of you know not all Freemasons are bad people or the organization itself there is a ton of charity work and donations that they do so just because some powerful elitist assholes happen to be Freemasons are horrible fucking people and there actions shouldn’t reflect the group as a whole. Just because there are bad cops in law enforcement doesn’t mean all cops are bad people. Look at the broward county sheriff a fucking coward but are all cops cowards


I’m sure there are some good Nazi’s as well. My dad is a Blue Lodge Mason… he has zero clue about the 33rd. He has zero clue about the Illuminati, Chemtails and 911 being an inside job. Do I give a pass for his ignorance?


We are not called to be apart of organizations, yet some choose what they will do. If you choose to be apart of something you must do the research all the way to the core of the choice as your choices reflect who you are. Every man is held accountable for his choices and no man is with excuse… You cannot claim ignorance in your choices. Also, I do good charitable actions and yet I belong to no club. I don’t do them for recognition. I don’t need a club to advance in life. I do not care about acceptance nor advancement. All that I do is for the Glory of my Creator, not for the accolades of my fellow man… All of these must be taken into account when making our choices…

Regardless of what we deem good or evil, we are still held accountable to our Creator for our actions according to His good and perfect will…


Also, according to what I understand of the Freemasons, it is not the few in the lower ranks that control the organization, but the powerful elitists that do… When participating in anything, you must realize that there are reflections upon the whole of the organization and what it ultimately stands for. I’m not here to judge anyone as that is not reserved for me but for my Lord and Saviour. There are those that would call themselves Christians and they give the term a bad name…thus the reason why we are told in the Bible, you will know them by their fruit… So when you meet a bad “Christian” you will know that they do not uphold what Christ stands for and are not truly a Christian.

On the flip side, Masons who do not associate themselves with the evil involved in Freemasonry, can they truly be called Masons? Would the evil leaders recognize them as brethern if given a choice and they choose to disobey the order?

If you knowingly involve yourself in something that could be considered corrupt, what does that say about your choice?

I only present these things as thoughts, not as judgement. We all must choose this day whom we serve…and if you weigh your choices against what is the discernment of the Holy Spirit you will know what are the good choices that are approved by God. We are called to be the Body of Christ… Are the masons part of that body??



Agreed again, however what when we learn the Truth we know is a lie, Do we stand for the Truth or continue to stand with a lie?

The issue with this, if we only know and understand the half, we can not acknowledge the whole, nor can we acquire the awareness or its enlightenment necessary to make the logical, Rational, Realistic, Real and Right choice… please do not take this in an wrong way, I have no words to copy and past that are not of my own.

When we only know the Half, we often express what we think, rather then what we know and how can we if we are only to know the half of any given thing, often choosing only that which pleases us most or first. thus just as some will express what they think, there are others expressing what they know.

There is a real difference. our lives and the lives of our family’s will literally depend on it. Truth.

All things for REASON!

I would like to add, for me, this is not about who is wrong or right, in my perspective, we are sharing. I hope not to be offending, it is not the intention…


I know that there is only one who can reveal the whole “truth”. The Creator. There are a very small few who will do what it takes for that Revelation. It is mostly blind pride that prevents them from knowing. When I look around see all of the different ways that blind pride is propigated in humanity, it disturbs me that a) many will remain “lost” and b) that was me for a time. And lastly, the true disturbance is in the actual scope of hatred that Lucifer has for humanity and the lengths he has gone to for our destruction… being truly “woke” is a burden and blessing beyond measure…Beyond that, I am in awe at my Creator’s infinite power and mercy.

The Freemasons are small potatoes compared to what is coming soon. They are just a means to an end on one side of the spectrum, imo.


My moms 3rd husband was Norman, 2nd Bishop, (I’m not,) but he had a drywall business and remodeled houses, I don’t remember him say in he was ever a Free-Mason. My uncle was a mason, my mom had 12 siblings. He was so fat I don’t see how he could have gone outside to do anything evil. He was ALLWAYS watching tv at home.



It is DISGUSTING! and Blasphemous

The Evil mind and power projected by the EGO. We are the manifestation of these things, for it is our own hands also.

Yes very much True, there are many.

It seems we agree :slight_smile: even if to disagree in any way, I think this is called civility?


My NASA 2nd dad, was pretty evil, but he was not a Free-Mason that I know of. But he built his house after he was retired.


Unless that’s where he went during the night when he would be gone about an 45 minutes, but my mom said he was just at the bar. Who knows?


I don’t remember any wired statues in my uncle’s house, but who knows he might of his them under the bed when we came over?


@artsyneva you are a breath of fresh air! Thank you for sharing. :grin::revolving_hearts: Your sweetness is one to be admired and commended… :revolving_hearts:


Thank you, I don’t know a lot about the Masons.