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I was remembering now, way back my one aunt invited my
other aunt, (her sister) to her weird ceremony meeting, and I was asking why is she going to that wired meeting (Ceremony) nothing bad, but anyway.


They do masonary things


When you get a chance check out this Ex cops story…


Thanks for the video, good information.


But lets ignore the real racist and go tare down Silent Sam… Said the UNC students




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What’s up with this?

I actually grew up with the creators younger brother. For a minute he cut my hair. Always had interesting conversations about Mormon hermetica.


Master Mahan? Would Leo Zagami please explain?





I was petitioning for the right of Entered Apprentice in Freemasonry however, they comb through everything you have ever done schooling social media I mean everything. They told my uncle that I would never be allowed to be a free mason due to my world view and, the fact that I have spoken out against secrets and, the withholding of information. So I was black balled this pissed my uncle off to no end to be honest he is more my brother than my uncle since they have black balled me he stopped going to meetings and, other functions. Since he had made a vow to not speak of the information he has learned he wouldn’t tell me anything outright however, he would let me ask him three yes or no questions a day. After doing this for several weeks I had enough yes and no’s that I kinda knew what to look for all the information they know can be found online its just hard to find if you can’t sort out the bull shit from the truth. I ended up finding out that most free masons are decompartmentalised and, only know what they are let in on by the higher ups in the group. At the top they worship the light bearer the morning star Lucifer but, they see him as the giver of knowledge and, GOD as a petty self severing evil GOD that only wanted to keep mankind as a plaything. Its pretty far out to be honest and, when I found that out I vowed to never become a free mason. Sadly even with all the information I have gathered my uncle still couldn’t believe that to be true and, to be honest I didn’t either at first. As I dug deeper I knew in my soul it was true.