Gen Z Adults Encourage Each Other To Sign Up For Facial Recognition At Festival


Ties in with this from your other thread…

How to identify a person is a reasonable question, but that issue only arises once you move past the first important part of answering that question…Why are they needing to verify a person’s identity?

We have been “assured” from the beginning of the digital age that our personal information will be kept private and protected. That assurance has not held true.

As the 'ole saying goes, “Follow the money”.

That money trail leads back to the same source every time. The fountainhead is the individual person. The vultures gather where the bodies are. Government and corporations want the bodies to feed on. The individual persons are the target because they are the wealth. Without all those people, governments and corporations cannot exist.

The people are the commodity in modern society. The people are not being compensated for their value. In a free market economy, people do not have to participate in the market.

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It all starts with familiarity. I remember years ago Alex talking about drones and how they will be used as a police state spy machine but first they would have to get the public to accept it. Fast forward 10 years, you can now buy HD camera drones at Walmart lol They are everywhere now… They roll this type of draconian tech as fun and games to get us used to them imo.


Exactly. And who controls over 70% of the drone market? A single Chinese company, DJI.

DJI continues to dominate the market and has made gains this year in every category from drone aircraft at all price ranges, to add-on payloads, to software. Survey data shows DJI is still the dominant brand for drone aircraft purchases, with a 74% global market share in sales across all price points.

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a. Shows you how the masses think. Every time I drive past a movie theater, I see gray matter being turned into brown matter.

b. Since infocomms have been hacked and shut down, many of our users are gone and Owen has to go to Twitter to get people to realize what is going on. It might be a good idea for the wise here to see Twitter.

c. I need to do a security evaluation on my computer and see the implications of my signing up for twitter. One user here posted an interview on you tube and that platform leaked her cell number to a hacker. You can’t use temporary cell numbers, the platform denied me when I tried it last time. So, deep state will have my our cell number and dox whoever posts red pill videos.

d. It is like this, until we can sue these evil bastards hiding behind their electronic walls and government agencies, we are putting ourselves at risk. This is one thing that I do not understand why Trump has not issued an order to revoke immunity. Every time I get a Trump survey I ask that he remove this immunity.

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Requiring a phone number to sign up is an excuse. They do no need your phone number…they WANT your phone number.

And it isn’t so they can send you a new password if you get locked out of your account.

These companies should be required to drop the phone number demand…among other things.

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Oh they will and force biometrics