Get Ready for Weed Checkpoints: The Marijuana Breathalyzer is Now a Reality



The State Troopers here have the sensors that they can put in your vehicle that sniffs out Pot and Booze. It’s a pretty awesome invention, but is ultimately the bane of those that can’t seem to follow the laws in their states. A double edged sword if you will seeing as how I don’t want a bunch of drunks on the road, but on the other hand the pot smokers are being crucified for simply having it in their possession. The possession laws need to change. They’ve made enough money on the drug war in my opinion.


Is there a ratio that links the amount of THC in someone’s breath to the amount in the person’s blood — and then to exactly how stoned that person is?

No, says Sejdic. The correlation “is basically missing, from a scientific point of view.”

That makes such a device useless.

See ya in court!


I’ve heard that the Founding Fathers were smoking marijuana when they signed the Declaration of Independence. Smh.

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I heard the Declaration of independence and/or both the U.S. Constitution were written upon hemp parchment, i.e. paper of the day/era.


Well, this site claims no, they were not written on hemp paper, but rather parchment, which is animal skin.

Early drafts may well have been hemp paper…