Getting the president to do something about Internet censorship


My idea is to hammer away ay prominent
Conservatives like rush Limbaugh, tucker Carlson, Sean hannity, Michael savage, etc. … to make censorship the number one issue. Mainstream media is already talking about banning fox news. If trump doesn’t stop the censorship there will be no 2nd term and all conservative media will slowly be banned from the Internet. In Canada we had a channel like fox called sun TV. The only conservative news outlet on Canadian cable that is until they banned it despite high ratings . You may know them now as rebel media, banned by Canadian cable but still on the Internet , for now. I’m sure a group of deformed snowflakes are lobbying justin trudeau with a free value pack of unicorn socks to do just that as I write this.


This is not a conservative issue its a liberty issue and them above they really are not about it.


That’s worth reading I did not post it as a troll post.