Giant wolf 'Yuki' dropped off at kill shelter rescued by wolf sanctuary


Hello folks.

For all you animal lovers out there, be of good cheer. This story of how a wolf was saved touched my heart. Did it touch your heart? We can save animals. We can save people. There is always hope.


My aunt had two, (now one) predominantly wolf/ German shepards. They are awesome, sometimes unruly animals. But man are they loyal and affectionate when they recognize you as part of the pack, and not a potential threat.


I love these sanctuaries. A couple months ago I was walking by the blvd. I thought It was a wolf, but it seemed domesticated. He popped up out of nowhere then ran in the blvd. There was a lot of traffic so I had to wave the traffic to slow down they did then a couple pulled over and the girl (She seemed real nice and concerned) she got out and got the dog in their car. So I walked back a couple blocks and around the cornor on the little street a man in a car pulled up beside me and asked if I have seen the dog ( Or looked like a wolf) I told him. Hopefully the people put an add in the paper or on Craigslist.


Hello folks.

Yeah, wolves are marvelous creatures. They truly are man’s best friend. It hurts men when they abuse animals and humans as well.

@AndrewPMcD, yeah you are right, they are so loyal.

@artsyneva, I’m really glad you helped save that wolf dog. Good work.


One of my aunts wolf/ shepards was killed by a car :cry:


Wolves have the most beautiful coats.


I love wolves so much, theyre so cute in my opinion (・∀・)