Good Morning Patriots


It’s great to take a break from all the madness once in a while…helps reduce stress, for me anyway :slight_smile:


I always try to remember the ladies… And they’ve always loved these guys :slight_smile:



Love it,love it,love it :slight_smile::+1:


The Zombies? Ok



Last night, I stayed up too late, so I’m gonna say goodnight and God Bless early since tomorrow is Moanday…lol :grinning: Here’s one of my all time favorites

Keep the faith,see ya on the flip side…


The DJ @Libertysmith delivers! :notes::grinning:


Great song,Salty.Looks like your doing a great job yourself…Thank you :slight_smile::+1:


Did you know the Beatles did this song? :+1:


I’ll check it out, I did not. Thanks for the shares.


My bad,I guess the Beatles only did it with Clapton on stage, mixing it with While my Guitar​ Gently Weeps,I could have sworn they recorded it…The live video of that was deleted,probably copy rights…sorry :no_mouth:


Intriguing! I always thought my generation missed out on good music. Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morrisette, Limp Bizkit. It’s partially the genesis of music history and how so many greats were coerced to die early. I kept going backwards as the 90s fizzled out and there’s more to discover than one can imagine…



Not at all,but today is not like the era of about 64-84 the 70’s being the most creative decade. Remember that’s just my opinion, but today theres just so much crap, the real artists get lost in it all, it’s hard for them to get recognized unless they sell their soul to the devil…just sayin…:slight_smile:


I concur. Also it’s better to be a diamond in the rough.

As I understand it, song and voice and word are most powerful when original… Spirited as one might say. Intrinsically bound to the present in such a way where the song carries what those who lower themselves only can dream of owning. Authenticity and true aesthetic.

I knew a big time song writer years ago. She took a strange delight in producing psychic excrement. Maybe still does. I once had a dream that woke me up where she abused an employee in front of me in her office and I called her out on it in the dream. She then walked up to me where I sat on a sofa and began wiping her feet on the floor repeatedly while looking at me and telling me that some things you save for yourself. I actually woke up at this point and grabbed the bible next to bed and flipped it open and the words read, “she says things that I do not say”,

Another dream I was in her underground works and she was literally putting feces in the water supply.

Her style is that teenage emotion that sells as reality to kids chasing sunny horizons. Typical parasite… As long as she can screaaaam.


I remember this song came out when I was in this 8th grade. It was real popular.

  1. Wish I could say I turned in tonight.
  2. I smelled a sweet smelling gas in my apartment at 10:30.
  3. Had to call maintenance, 911, then fire company arrived.
  4. They told me no gas service was in the building, I did a search on
    sweet smelling mysterious gas, the search results were not pretty.
    4.1 Everyone was done checking my apartment out, took only 15 minutes.
  5. Thank you all for being here to save this great country God gave us.
  6. I will never give up and I will step up this fight even until after I change my physical plane.

Here is my story about the gas, I believe it is coming from the apartment above.


I used to go to a guitar store called McCabes in Santa Monica, CA. They had a small concert hall in the back. I saw Steffan Grossman a few times there.



@Libertysmith you have anything like this you can add to my repertoire?



I’d have to search,at work right now but I will check☺