Got called a c*nt last night for posting an infowars article on FB


Last night I posted an article about a sex/psych class at the University of Northern Texas. The class had a lesson on the sexual pleasure and response in infants. Besides the expected “this fake, photoshopped etc.” This one clown takes it upon himself to make a FB live video trying to debunk the article. He points out that the only new sites talking about this class are right wing news sites. He feels that alone proves the article is fake and proceeds to call me a cunt in the process. How do I deal with that level of crazy? I don’t know how Owen, Millie, Kaitlin deal with these people when they hit the street


Badge of honor. Nobody ever calls me a cunt…just everything else!!!


It’s tough though… cause I’m just trying to have a conversation and they just go looney toons. The other highlight was a women tried to explain to me that children are sexual creatures and its healthy to explore the topic cause it helps to spot sexual abuse…


@Libarty I can barely go on FB anymore for that reason. I get so ticked seeing people advocating for the sexualization of children, I make a comment saying so and everyone thinks I’m some old-fashioned, uptight, judgemental person. Like what’s wrong with teaching gay/trans sex Ed to our children? No wonder why the world is so messed up with people like me judging gays (Sarcasm) I’m much more disturbed by the poor babies you mentioned. What is wrong with people!


Totally agree with you. 98% of the time I just watch my timeline and just get really sad. If it wasnt for my business of art and food I should delete facebook


@Libarty the propaganda and brainwashing thru the cellphone probably is what makes leftists assume they know everything. Everyone in their clique is on the same wavelength magically , cause they’re all listening to what the media tells them. But oh, that’s just the right thing to do.


Thank you! I greatly appreciate that. Main reason I even try is because, at the rate we’re going my baby girl wont have a future worth living. Smh


Well this is a happy post. Happiness is truth… paint it everywhere.


You’ll get used to it. Your most radical “friends” will ignore you, but it’s not them you’re aiming to change. It’s the people in the middle of the road, the passive political people, the ones who don’t tune in everyday.


I feel for ya. I lost over 100 friends, people I had talked to for years on the bird cams, just because I was against Hillary.

Not long ago I had that same conversation as you. A person trying to tell me it’s a good thing, so if a child was abused, they would be easier to spot or have an easier time telling an adult.

I asked them if they felt if it was right for an adult to have sex with a child. They said no. Then I asked them why are they teaching what pleasure an infant feels, as an infant could not speak to us with words to tell us they had been abused. They told me if adults are made aware of the pleasure that the infant feels, noticing that they had been abused would be easier.

As I proceeded to tell them it’s no different if an infant has an earache, they tug on their ears, they would also seem like something is not right in that region, or, have discoloration. They said its nothing to do with pleasure. So I asked if every child that explores their own bodies, was abused. She said no. So, once again, I asked how teaching infant pleasure could help an adult know they had been abused. They had no answer, as all children explore their own bodies, which does not prove abuse.

So I then proceeded to drop this in their lap…If you are teaching about infant pleasure, are you not also teaching adults how to pleasure an infant. They said, but that is not what it’s for. As I proceeded to drop many articles on them of adults convicted of raping infants, I asked how do you know that the people you are teaching are not like those who have been convicted. They said they don’t. Exactly my point.

If they are so concerned that parents know how to tell the signs if their babies have been abused, why not have these pamphlets to websites or places that can help with facts, instead of teaching the next child molester what to do. They have them in most OB/GYN offices. You can also schedule a one on one appt. with the Dr. for such things.

Why have a class at a college on this subject, when the information is readily available at doctors and clinics? They had no answer but did say that made sense, because I was right, you never know who is sitting in those classes.

Took me a week, as this was only a small part of the conversation, but I did finally break through. A miracle when dealing with those brainwashed, but a good feeling, as they said they would pass along that info.

Never stop trying. If you can only change one person at a time to make them aware of reality, it’s worth the effort…and it was an effort. Like talking to a wall.

Here’s a link I gave her that I had seen in the doctor’s office when a friend was having a baby. Some people you will never get through to, they are too far gone, but there are some who still have common sense. Thanks for spreading the message. We have to do what we can to protect the children. :slightly_smiling_face:


Omg I wish you were my FB friend cause I couldn’t not put this together so eloquently… and these were all the thoughts I had about the subject! Incredible thank you!


Move to Kalifornia and you will get the same treatment in shor torder.
Happened to me once when I was Redpilling someone at a bus stop in Hillcrest.


Hi Liberty, glad this was helpful.
My FB acct link is:

Right now, I am not posting anything political on there due to my job, but would be happy to help you any way I can if ever needed. Take care! :slightly_smiling_face:


Why are you guys still on facebook? stop legitimizing it. Get on Gab or Parle, no reason to argue with a brick wall.


The only reason I’m still on there is my job and my grandchildren. Not legitimizing it, just am not going to stop watching the kids grow up, or risk my job. It’s not used for political things anymore anyway and hardly used. Not all family or friends want to switch, as they too have the same situation.

Also have Gab and other accounts too.


Not here in the central valley of CA, we’re mostly conservative here, the reason Nunes still has his seat!


@libarty Dont let it bother you. Just post. Youre not responsible for the reactions. If the Leftists use your post as a platform for their fakenews, DELETE Their Post, if u can, then Block them. Usually removes their post, but not sure if others can see it. Also, you can also make your profile private, so the scumbags cant go to your profile and start flagging your posts. Only your friends can see your profile posts. I just post patriot stuff and infowars articles on Facebook. Facebook is run by Globalists and Leftists. I use, Gab, , and Instagram ( until they piss me off) Remember, you got the power. Never put your Real info on any social site, i use Avatars or logos, etc. I dont do selfies if I can help it, and way limit personal info. They probably can still find it, but Why make it easy? FB is a Globalist Database. I like Myspace Better.


Hold your breath and think thing about the next point you want to say cuz they will slip up but you won’t

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