Govenor Polis Hosts Gay Pride Festival this weekend

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Exactly. I have never understood the whole gay pr campaign. Well, I do understand, I just don’t agree with it.

To me, it is insane to claim rights based on who you want to have sex with. Who freakin’ cares who you do? Do heterosexuals go around beating their chests proclaiming their right to do the opposite sex? Of course not. But then they scream straights have the rights already to marry, etc. THAT is the real push, a legal right to be the same as straight couples, along with the right to not be discriminated against.

They are correct in that people should not abuse another. Discrimination? That depends on the situation. It is perfectly legal to discriminate against a Democrat or Republican when voting, right?

We can demand a store customer have a shirt and shoes on in a store, right?

Oh, we can demand customers not bring their pets into a store, right?

But in the same sentence, they will tell you you cannot discriminate.