HEADS UP: Something is going on with N. Korea....mutiple sources reporting suspicious movement** NEW INFO



Finally something substantive on the 'Comms… been a while.


Im looking for more info but this seems to be suppressed… :expressionless::thinking:


I cant find shit on it really


This is all I see… Something about economy…

War would help in some ways possibly :thinking: or the threat of it anyway…



He won’t ever give up the nukes… Why should he? Everyone else gets to have theirs??


Wouldn’t be surprised if it were being suppressed… if it is legit, they don’t need all of this info getting out.


I’m Pro America 100%, that said…NK has to also think of their own National Security as a Sovereign Nation. Remember, no one knows what was said in the Summit between Kim & Donald.


As a sovereign nation, he has the right to keep his nukes; also, as a sovereign nation, we have the right to wipe him off the map for threatening us with his nuclear weapons.


This was from over a year ago… :expressionless: They’ve been ready for war…


We were trying to work something out with him where he could make it out in one piece, where his country / people could be helped, and where we wouldn’t have to risk war, but the guy has been a loose cannon for the longest time–and came from a line of loose cannons–so if he wants to play hard ball he is going to be wiped out.


They’ve been ready for war for decades. They’re insane.


They know how we disarmed Hussain, Gadaffi, etc, then we invaded and destroyed them…NK is weary that that would happen if they were disarmed. Heck…the US is even trying to disarm us to make us helpless and subservient.


Yeah they all hate Trump and Americans !!! :expressionless:


We could always dress up a 7 foot black basketball player in a wedding gown and send him over to negotiate…It’s happened before!


A lot of it is acting, as they fear they will not appear loyal otherwise. If I remember correctly, those who, after the death of the previous leader (Kim Jong Il), did not cry with sufficient bitterness and loudness were beaten / tortured.


You are 100% correct, mostly good, scared, cucked, hard working, family orientated people that are scared as hell.


So sad. That’s what the Left is trying to cause here.
(And NK is a Leftist government.)


Ok first Trump does this:

How about this poop …Trump’s such a dang “dunce”

And now this?? What is going on!?!?

But late Friday, a U.S. official and a personal familiar with the situation both told NBC News that Trump was talking about a plan to roll out a major new round of sanctions on Pyongyang that he scuttled before it could be publicly announced by his lieutenants. That is, he tweeted that he was killing a sanctions plan the public didn’t know about until he announced he wasn’t acting on it.