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Hey there,

I’ve had my YouTube Channel for a while, having had one in the past, gaining 400K+ Subscribers then having it taken down. Taking a break from YouTube and going to Brighteon, Bitchute, BitTube, etc. But realizing the fight has to take place on one of the main battlefields, I made a new Channel. I had the Joe Rogan/Alex Jones interview up and promptly had it removed due to “Community Guidelines,” as well as a Gavin McInnes/Alex Jones interview. I have a couple of “movies” I’ve put together of Owen Shroyer, the Steven Crowder/Alex Jones full interview, funny videos of the Fake News, and more to come! I’m also a Dubstep artist and have had a significant drop in listeners and promotion because of my support for the President and his policies. Any and all support in helping me reach new people, as well as the ones already awake to what’s actually going on. I’d also love to meet up and organize with people in the Louisville, KY area to perform some activism in the real world. Much appreciated!


Let’s help each other! @GreggHuestis67 is my YouTube channel.


Done! I just subscribed.


I just did to yours too


I subscribed from my you tube.


Mischief with Griff

I’ll sub to yours


What’s yours???


This is great man…Watching :+1:


Its just under my name Neva Wilson and then one is under But there is not a lot there. When I clicked on his above it said I had to sign in to I think You Tube but when I went to my channel I did not have to sign in.


I have been toying around with the idea of a community channel. Obviously some guidelines would have to be put in place so I wouldn’t be taken down right away. But I think with the constant upload of different material and ideas from many different people could force the channel into the light. I started my channel aboot 4 months ago don’t have shit for subscribers but was surprised with the views for only putting oot 2 videos so far. Working on a 3rd video in-between life and work.


I got 2. Mischief with Griff and Mindbender.

Podcast goes in Mindbender, my rants and shit goes in mischief with Griff. Simplifies it.


I’m already subscribed to yours brother…I mean Giff


I’m subscribed to all of yours.


Good video Mischif with Griff. Very professional.


@thesourwarhead subscribing now, my Friend !


What’s your YouTube channel


I got one I wouldn’t mind sharing…

Still setting things up though. :slight_smile:



Just subscribed to your channel @Bingozee


Subbed. Keep spreading the word.


Here’s my YouTube channel:

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