HELP Me Grow My Channel!


Subbed. Good stuff. Keep it up!


Subbed. Let’s get’er did kid. What editing software are you guys using btw? I wouldn’t mind creating a channel myself. We all need to spread the word imho.


I’m find things a bit frustrating. I’ve written 4 Christian books, and if I had exposure I could sell them, and make money to start my own kind of infowars organization.

But, gotta have $$$ to start. Thought of starting a GoFundMe to raise money to start an organization that does what Alex and infowars are doing…


If you want exposure, do a national tour of all the Christian mens shelters. There is about 1 or 2 in each state. Do a talk and a book signing at each one. Everything including the traveling part of the tour is live. We will share it.

Don’t use gofundme etc. Just allow people to donate to you directly or better, buy the books.


Not a bad idea too. I’m dealing with some issues with my wife having some health challenges so I’m having to find a way to raise money to start an organization like infowars…

The Powerball hasn’t hit yet…lol…so I’m needing to find another way.

What’s sad is that I have a website (, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter…and still not enough exposure!


You need ZERO money to do this Gregg. The shelters are free to stay at of course, you could donate a book to each location, travel could be arranged just by asking.

Your wife does need your support just like you need her support. Maybe be the best you can be for her until she is healthy again and can travel with you or passes. I suppose you would ask what Jesus wants you to do. Marriage does take you away from spreading “the word” which is why they say, “marry only if you must.”


Definitely true…my wife is a believer BUT she tolerates me doing my infowars things…not that she doesn’t believe these things just that’s not her way of doing things. She got kind of freaked out when I was livestreaming Saturday and she also went to and saw headlines about Alex bullhorning at the Beto rally and it freaked her out.

I was safe with my fellow infowarsarmy Austin peeps, but she didn’t know all of that at that time.


Just took the plung… It’s time to have a brother/Sister infowars organization:


Check out what does with his wife live online. Mostly zuckbook.




Owen Shroyer “THE DESTROYER”



Wow…VERY nice website



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