How About A Money Pool


Maybe some people could donate 1, 2 dollars a month. For contest, Poster, T-Shirt, Video, etc. It would be an incentive for activisim. Then people could win maybe fifty dollars or something.
Any Ideas?

  1. Right, no sleep till Brooklyn for me. You won’t catch me at a ball game buying a $8 beer or $6 hot dog while Roger Stone is in a duplex condo and eating out of a tin can.
  2. There just are certain things I can not do without: Info wars, Judicial Watch and Alex Jones.
  3. When a family member complained that Alex was too serious and morose, handled issues that were too dark, I could not continue the conversation, it was hopeless.

@Artsyneva, great idea and @Mr.Anderson is promoting pessimism, fatalism, nihilism, hopelessness. I believe in trying. Why not try? You never know. @keyrobinfo18, I agree on all 3 points. Save money. Have priorities. Yes, it can be sad when people don’t get it, especially family. But there is always hope over dope.


A. When I was at the White House over the Memorial Day weekend, I was one person and the other was a Bagpipe player that was in support of Trump.
B. The Bagpiper drowned out the Leftist that was bashing Trump on his megaphone. It was great. Then it rained and everyone left.
C. I can’t figure what goes on in K-Street. There are plenty of people and cars there but no one knows what the product that they make is.


Hate to say it but I think @Mr.Anderson is right.

I wanted to do something like that to raise the stakes in the game of activism. But it won’t work. Still think crashing Disney World with infowars army activists would be funny as hell.


Never underestimate the power of bling.


Ok, I will BITE, I will put up $25 USD in infowars merchandise. Let’s say best contributor in a week.

We can vote in this thread, everyone that wants to play submit your name here, next week on Sunday.
I will post a Poll to vote on the names submitted. Who ever wins, can tell me what they want from the store upto 25 dollars, and I buy it and have shipped to where they ask private message. Fair enough? any one want to add rules, or something else we should, should not do. let me know. But it’s only $25 let’s not over think it. GOD BLESS and GOOD LUCK. Maybe, doubtful, but just maybe some IW staff could
help. where they could have an account where I or others could deposit the funds, and then they could control the funds, and privacy of shipping to winner. WHO KNOWS?


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Wow, you are the hacker genius, I was just thinking, how you get that photo of me? :smile:



I would say no your prettier than that but shhhh.

I’m joking. I left all that behind.


Twenty five bucks is not Greed, it’s more like A smiley face, and it’s for FUN.
You guys always pick on the THC group, but I think the rest of you should take a toke and RELAX
GOD IS IN CONTROL. PEACE AND LOVE always WINS. Just ask the DEVIL, he has to work like a DEMON, just to get a WAR started, and then he has to feed it day and night, cause at any moment, PEACE could BREAK OUT, Dammed HUMANS always LOVING EACH OTHER.


Agreed. I’m not a greedy person but it does seem like we need cash to do something big and have it go all over msm.

Break the censorship. But I am looking at other options.


That would be great. If we could get Owen or somebody to deposit funds. Also like you said we can offer a product.


What if we did our own friendly competition against eachother? Winner takes all the respect!


Oh heck yeah, I would laugh my ass off. Disney clown world. I would have fun with that shit as ate up as I am in the head. I would act like a total fool.


Never underestimate the power of stupidity.


That sounds dumb, but do whatever you guys want.


I love greed. I love selfishness. So, you can call me a bad person. I will never repent. I love competition. I also love helping people.


Thats good too…


Thats do funny, the bagpipe player drowned out the leftest.

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