How can Trump keep America great?


What are your thoughts, everybody? Here is a video about it. Owen Shroyer was saying today that we gotta download their videos and upload them to YouTube, clip by clip. But not necessarily three hour videos. Better yet, your favorite segment, just a few minutes, get it, and share it.


Put scumbags in jail!


In my mind, there is always going to be work to be done.
THe cost of freedom is eternal vigilance. This isn’t going to be solved more than simply maintained.

This being said, he’s been doing it. He was the first world leader to come out on public stage to call out the corruption and challenge it effectively (To my knowledge). He’s the only world leader to anyone’s recollection with as many promises kept, something virtually unheard of before. He’s being a leader, not just of America, but for humanity itself hence why he resonates around the world.

As for Shroyer saying download videos and upload them, but if the only result from that is you lose your account, and you don’t have the resources to alleviate, that’s just a pointless sacrifice.

We all have abilities and skills, and we all have varying levels of resources.
With greater power comes greater responsibilities.
You what talents you have, the way you can. Try and teach those who aren’t following suit.
Less complaining, more producing.
Less griping, more appreciating.

Comes down to simple things… Are you a positive force for the greater good, or yourself? Are you a negative force for the greater good, or yourself?

I prefer building, appreciating, encouraging, teaching, those kinds of things.
I am less interested in pointing fingers at problems more than solutions, complaining, or tearing down

Two cents, take it or leave it.


Drain the swamp. Drain the swamp.


Hell yeah, drain the swamp, lock 'em up.