How did we get here?


Did God make us or did we make ourselves? Was it the big bang? Was it flying saucers? In an episode from South Park, Jesus or somebody said that the correct answer and religion was the Mormons who believe that as man is, God once was and as God is, man can become. So, in other words, they believe in an endless cycle of humans becoming gods, having babies who then can become gods and start new planets that they can populate. What do you believe? What is our origin story? Where are we from and where are we going?


Kind of off topic but I just watched a movie called Iron Sky: The Coming Race on Monday. It was okay, it’s a sci-fi foreign franchise. They had this idea for our origin story. Aliens injected primates with some form of energy they use to power their ships. It was a crazy movie. Nazis on the moon, Hollow Earth Theory, etc. etc.

Personally I’m Agnostic & open to the idea of the Jewish God. But I lean more towards Aliens or inter-dimensional beings. Prometheus comes to mind, seeding the planet. The whole thing with Judaism/Christianity taking stories or having similar stories from other Religions. That just creates Doubt in my mind. What if Aliens do exist & make contact? What would that mean for Jews, Christians, & Muslims?


Where did the aliens come from?

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I can’t remember if it said exactly.


Which came first, the chicken or the egg, the Hebrew God or other gods?


Other Gods of course. Then the Jews say no God before our God.


Spoiler alert, they generally don’t say where the aliens originate from.


That’s because the Aliens don’t want us to know. :wink:


I believe, if you’re talking about Mormons and South Park then, you have to see the musical The Book of Mormon. They’re performing in Spokane (closest to you, @joey ) in May 2020.

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All gods originate from the Hebrew God. They say otherwise, but that is fake news. The same people that lie about Alex Jones and Trump also lie and say the Hebrew God was not the first God. It is crazy that you fall for the fake news from the same people that you know are lying. But you live in denial with Cognitive Dissonance.


Great episode, OMG I can’t believe I forgot about Scientology. Talk about a BS Scam!


How can that be if other Religions were so much older? Are you suggesting it’s the same God?


Same God?


Although there is one song that might bother your religious senses but, if you like South Park then you know how Trey and Matt like to push the boundaries of humor.

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@4LoveOfTheRoad, they lie about the date according to Answers In Genesis and other scientists, etc. Long story short, scientists disagree with other scientists. Long story, believe me, as I studied this in college. You got to look at different dating methods. There are limitations to dating methods. Also, there are assumptions people make on the past. There are differences between observational sciences and historical sciences that you are not actively observing in ongoing experiments. When you guess patterns concerning the past, you do so with the possibility of being wrong. Plus, when you date something inaccurately again and again, on record, as they have done, that diminishes their reliability (trustworthiness) in the same way fake news do nowadays with stories they lie about. It is the same kind of thing. They work together. Many of them came from Oxford from the early 1900’s. There are books and documents that talk about the infiltration of America and a lot of of it accelerated during the first two decades of the 1900’s. So, Americans would be given scholarships to study at Oxford. After that, they would go back to the USA and infiltrate educational systems, schools, colleges, universities, etc, to influence education, science, journalism, etc.

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@Rob_Roy, which song would that be?


Off topic but have you watched the Trevor Loudon documentary The Enemies Within? I think they mention something like that about the Oxford deal. Or I could’ve seen that in the last Dinesh D’Souza documentary.


I’ve heard rumors of ancient texts from before the world flood. So, Moses wrote the book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Some people claim that Moses wrote Genesis and that he based it on other books, texts, scrolls, from before the flood, before Noah’s Ark. This is something I need to research more into. I want to study these ancient texts.

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Don’t want to spoil the surprise if you haven’t seen it. Half of SP humor is the shock in the moment of “they said what?!”

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Well, I probably have seen it before.