How do I begin to RED PILL someone


It’s not easy to crack the mind of a delusional leftist. It’s easy to tell them things that are factual but aren’t reported MSM and they’ll look at us like we’re crazy. Especially now with all the censorship it’s not like I can send them a YouTube link to something. If i say to them to Watch Infowars their response is that they don’t want to waste their time watching that.
What should I do to lead one to the light.

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That’s the cost of freewill.
You can’t make anyone no matter how hard you try.
They’re willing, or they are not willing.
If they’re willing, start making/forcing them to pick between priorities until they fully understand there’s no having your cake and eating it too.
Typically if they are willing but reluctant, point beside the truth and keep doing so (for example they don’t want to listen to infowars, point to Mike Adams.) until proximity forces their priorities to kick in.


What turned me onto Infowars:

One guy tried to keep telling me 9/11 had inside stuff going on, and I didn’t believe him. I even used science to back up my claims. Eventually, some co-workers and I were watching video of the Pentagon attack, and I thought, “Hey wait a second, something doesn’t fit here, maybe there’s something to the claim.” So I started looking back at other things, and here I am today.

The biggest lessons I can take from this are:

  1. Be specific to a topic. If you and the leftist are talking about one particular thing, bring up the evidence. Just saying to watch from some source doesn’t fly with most people.
  2. Reinforce logic. Make sure it’s clearly shown how everything fits of its own accord, even using some of their preconceived notions. If they have your benefit of the doubt, they’ll be more willing to take their notion and try to apply it to your situation.
  3. Go at their pace, and have some patience. The last thing you want to do is make it seem like you’re trying to brainwash them. And even trying to explain that something is a lie can also be construed as brainwashing.

Maybe try just communicating and stop thinking “How do I begin to RED PILL someone?” It has too many connotations to big pharma and/or drugging someone. The term only works in movies like Alice in Wonderland or The Matrix.

Trying to get someone to “take a RED PILL” usually makes them perceive you like this:


It’s tough. It seems like pointing out something obvious to someone and then working from there. I’ve lost many friends and family along the way.

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Friendship Red-Pilling

@SeanCrowley1776, you should befriend leftists. Think more long-term when red-pilling, unless if you’re too famous or too busy or something. There are many factors that you may consider. But if you will only see a person one time, then friendship red-pilling may sometimes be less effective. So, you might want to throw facts, evidence, logic, truth bombs, Stefan Molyneux stuff, Alex Jones stuff, Mark Dice things, if it is like a one-night stand, politically speaking. In life, you never know when you will see a person again.

Plant Seeds

So, you can plant seeds in them by doing what Rainbow Snatch Millie Weaver and Kaitlin Bennett do. Be patient. Be there for people, offline, socially, In Real Life (IRL). Online red-pilling is generally better if done more direct like in how Alex Jones does it. Not always, there are exceptions and it depends on your role in life. We are like a body. I might be an eye. You might be an ear. That’s a metaphor.

9/11 Hook

But first of all, you can’t really lead anybody to the light. Only they can. Each person must choose to go after the truth. So, you can hint at truth. You can reference things. You can ask questions every once in a while whenever a topic comes up in a conversation or whatever. You can ask, “Why did that third building fall down during 9/11 in NYC in 2001?” So, 9/11 red-pilled many people. So, it is a gateway drug into understanding things. But try not to throw too much at people all at once. That’s hard for me to do.

Don’t Forget The Kitchen Sink

I like throwing everything at people all at once. I might be a shovel and you might be a spoon as we are part of the same body, the same team. Don’t eat cereal with a shovel or dig a ditch with a spoon. Focus on whatever style you are good at. Ask people who know you what you might be best at and focus on what works, your talents, gifts, abilities, hobbies, careers: do what you love and love what you do with a lot of original oatmeal. Is your question mostly about online activism and red-pilling? I was mostly talking about what to do offline. What you might do as big tech tries to censor and stop you is another can of worms.

YouTube Wars

But you can start an account on YouTube for red-pilling. If YouTube stops you, make a new account. If you have less than 100K subscribers, you are less likely to be terminated off Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Exceptions may apply.

Online Activism

You can choose to be direct or subtle in online activism. I’ve kind of done both. I kind of gone back and forth between these two extremes. Choosing a style can be the hard part. You don’t have to make a final decision right away. Try one approach just one time. After you post a video, picture, tweet, post, article, or whatever, then sit back and evaluate it. Then wake up the next day and go back to the drawing board. Just make a decision at the beginning of each day. It is very important to write it down. Keep a journal for what you did.

Activism Journal

Write down what you did for activism. Review it each day. Think about it. Then, make a decision for a new thing for that day. A new project, for that day or for that month. Just focus on one goal or priority or project or video or post or whatever at a time. Focus on it. Write down your plan. Tell your friends or others about it. Make a deadline and write it down. Then try to do it like as if this was a workout plan. Try new things. Accept failure. Just tell yourself, each time, I will try this or that and it might not work. So, you do it, and if you fail, you write it down and then move on. That simple.

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Some time the simplest things will stick in their heads. Like “Most
Mainstream press are lying to you”
Or “911 was an inside job”
Or “most vaccines are tainted” with Green Monkey and some fetal tissue"
“NWO is Evil”
“Apple sold your data to the Comunist Chinese”
Then if they ask for proof keep some literature you.


VERY good points @joeyarnoldvn.

Befriending is the BEST way…In my opinion!

I’m NOT shy when it comes to confrontation BUT it’s NOT always the best or easiest way to redpill people!

I have to be homest when I did my VERY FIRST redpilling interviews that I was SCARED spitless that I didn’t or wouldn’t be smart enough to talk to #Leftists Beto supporters [ ESPECIALLY]…but OVER all it went well.

Here are my first two Leftists interviews:


Hey brother I had to copy what you wrote to use some day…It was VERY good!

The hardest part is approaching people and not get kicked in the teeth by the crazy Psychopaths BEFORE you can establish a repore.


Fathom Events

07:18 PM - YouTube - The Fathom Events - Video

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I just wanna reiterate what people are saying about 9/11. That’s a very good red pill to start with.

However there are two different approaches depending on whether you want to “red pill” someone within a political context or not. If your aim is to get them away from Leftism, then you want to avoid things like 9/11. Focus on demonstrable hypocrisies in Leftist policies/values.

In either case, ask questions that will lead them to inescapable conclusions, like “did you know Building 7 fell on 9/11 and in a press statement the lease owner said it was “pulled”?” (My details of that may be wrong, I can’t recall if it was the lease owner of the building who said that or what context it was in.) Or from a political angle if they’re anti-gun, “don’t you think the North Koreans wish they had guns?”

Make sure you have facts and citations at the ready in all cases.


Did you watch the what in the world are they spraying documentary yet?

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Here’s his actual quote:
I remember getting a call from the fire department commander telling me they were not sure they would be able to contain the fire. I said, ‘Ya know we’ve had such terrible loss of life…maybe the smartest thing to do is just pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse.

What if they pull out their own citation like this one?:


Ahh thank you, I wasn’t far off.

If they pull out a citation such as that in response, I’d simply go right back to mine to debunk it: “I just showed you the owner of the building say it was taken down with controlled demolition. It’s not a conspiracy theory.” Then I’d get into how much work is required to setup a controlled demolition and how it couldn’t have been something done on a whim. An individual’s debate skills are a big part of red-pilling.

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But “pull it” could refer to the operation to extinguish the flames. As in, pull the operation away from the burning building so no one else gets hurt.

You’re saying “controlled demolition” which is further away from his “pull it” quote. If he meant controlled demolition he would have said, “blow it up” or “bring it down.” In fact, the second time he says they made the decision to “pull” (again doesn’t describe controlled demolition) and they “watched it collapse” has a passive connotation.

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Yeah precisely. Operation Mockingbird has worked quite well. There is so much propaganda out there.

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Best Ways to Red Pill:

  1. Documentaries

  2. Cool, Calm & Light-Hearted Conversations
    2b) Try to meet people half-way (I need to do this more)

  3. Share hard-Hitting Info from News Sources people already ‘Trust’
    3b) Direct them to Drudge Report (I use this when asked, “So where do you get your News from??”)


Here’s the tower falling. Now here’s an old Vegas casino coming down. Notice similarities? Why is it not falling from the point of impact and then going down on itself?


I don’t get into political arguments with people, at work I just introduce them to the Wake Up America Coffee, once they taste it and use some of the pot I brew, I recommend other supplements, water filters, and such. once they try and like the products I tell them about the site. I find that they are easier to talk to about political stances once they trust me and the infowarslife products.