How to Build Empire: The Schooner Patrick Henry II, The Ultimate Preper Project


When this monetary Ponzi scheme goes down there is going to be a need for others to step into the positions of leadership within the class of Captains of industry and commerce. The crooked ones go bankrupt and new ones step up. The ones who will rise to the top quickly and therefore have the most potential for profitability will be those who are already positioned to do so.

What do you guys know about international shipping, warehousing and logistics? Because if you are interested in listening to it, I have a great idea to do just that! We could all be in the right place at the right time.

Think Coffee, Rum, Cigars and tall sails.
Then ask yourself, what makes shipping so blasted expensive?

Do you know how much raw unroasted coffee you can get onto one of these?

Now look at this…

Based on a 20k lb cargo of raw beans you could make a round trip in about 2 weeks.
Then do the math and you see you could have a gross potential of approximately
5 million dollars per month, per boat just to get it into Tampa, Fl where you would warehouse it,
roast it and distribute nationally.

Boats would be a stripped down cargo only version of a double gaff rigged schooner built in the Southern Maryland Chesapeake bay region. There are excellent boat builders here with an abundance of White Oak and Cedar. The Spruce for the spars would have to be shipped in.

Most people don’t know that you can build one of these schooners for a few hundred grand. NOT the tens of millions that the rich boys pay for a customized live aboard yacht. The boat would pay for itself on the first trip.

Hell Man! #AlexJones is getting $18 per lb. for his blend!
Less than 500K in capitol and I can make this happen.
I own 8 acres on the water and I have the knowledge to build
the boat too. Been a carpenter/cabinet maker/boat builder my
entire life when I wasn’t driving a truck across the country with my hair on fire!

Hell, we could even start a YouTube VLOG of the boat build
and get sponsors to pay for a great deal of the costs!
Just one solid season and we would be laying up 2 more
keels the very next year. The build time is about 18 months.
This time will decrease the more boats you build. Within a few years
you could be turning out 2 boats ever 6 months.





And it’s a blend, and while it may be a good coffee, it’s a foreign product.

For some balance and keep things within the US as much as possible, I suggest a Hawaiian coffee be offered. Check out the prices for Kona.

Hilo to San Diego is slightly shorter distance than Columbia to Tampa.


THERE IS ONLY ONE PROBLEM WITH THAT (sorry) The distance would make it cost prohibitive. And I’m not sure you understand what it takes to sail to Hawaii and back! the Trade Winds carry you all the way up to Alaska damn near! …So, no.

The reasoning behind the Caribbean rout is because you can make a round trip of it on a triangular tack.


Distance is shorter, but I honestly am not familiar with sailing those waters. Though I am ex-Navy, I know little about sailing! Hey, I was in naval aviation! :sunglasses:


I come from a family of pilots. I soloed when I was 13. But I love the water and I love to sail. I know these waters well enough to do this and more. I also know many who know these waters better than I do. I don’t think it is going to be an issue.


Tampa to Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic, Then to Southern Mexico and back to Tampa, FL…
A great rout with a history of success.



Yeah, the Hawaii leg has issues for sure!


Based on that route, how long of a trip would it be Tampa to Southern Mexico?

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This is an interesting thread, many creative ideas, but what when the lights go out…

Consider, the End of money and economy will soon be distant history.

Frankly, every thing will be free in exchange for slavery, you will not have money, you will not owe a thing, you will live in homes and be supported by your educators or employers directly.

There will be no such thing as private ownership, nor will gold or silver have monetary value.

What then, additionally, I can assure you, this will occur in the life time of many here today, also that it’s unavoidable no matter our fantasy.

Lastly, consider all of the things we pay for, such as gas and oil will be mined, transported and processed freely… technically the end of trade and everything in between except for enslavement and authority… (“The Social Credit Score”) and Digital Identity.

In light of these facts, I am wondering…


Get with the times man, we are in 2020, wake wake, besides that, it’s a more valid question than any, don’t blame or lash out at me for your ignorance…

PS: my post and Points had nothing to do with “You”… get over yourself and stop projecting.

Better, what is your answer to such considerations and points…

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If you mean, truth, facts, reality and honesty, then yes absolutely, what other reason to respond or post anything, however, not always intentionally… maybe there’s just to many hot heads dropping piles of stemming shit that need to be cooled off and washed away… like ignorance and stupidity for example, your response.

I have empathy that you should be so delicate and sensitive to such things, but it’s true most people are… it challenges and destroys most artificiallity, like believing we will have an recovering and strong economy shortly, I think it’s apparent that is a fallacy to say the least.

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@Bingozee, please give it a rest!

People are getting REALLY tired of your psycho-babble ramblings and lack of respect for others here.


Little does that idiot know that if things DO go sideways, the only way you are getting anything in or out of this country is with a fleet of schooners like this. If the lights do go out then sails will rule the seas once again.

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And nobody will be able to read his manifesto, or for that matter want to read it.

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Lol… is my question not directly related to what INFOWARS it openly discussing.

The end of economics and beginning of credit… also I am hardly thwarted or bothered by people’s ignorance or stupidity so frankly their displeasure means nothing in comparison to reality, which my question is based…

Lol who gives a shit for the weak, we are interested in the strong…

Grow up little sheep… answer the fucking question, or shut the fuck up… simple I think… I say generally.


NOT to mention that schooners are shallow draft compared to large cargo vessels that require deep water ports. Schooners can run any coastline and deliver directly to islands as well. I would plan the trips to take goods from the US to the ports I was going to be passing on the way. You have to think about it like a trucking company.

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I get your fanaticalisun and pretend Patriotism, but you are failing to aknowlag, this is happening globally, lol in the scope and reality, the USA means absolutely nothing… it’s just a small piece of the same puzzle (“Game”)…

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See, you are intentionally trying to redirect the topic. You are not adding value to the topic, you are redirecting it.

You’re off topic numbnuts!

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Yah only because I am responding to morons and their fucking retarded comments, when they could have given sensible answers to a pretty blunt question, consider @Hollywood is derailing his own thread by his irrational behavior and thinking.

But, as I have asked my question and point, I will watch for relevant answers.

I digress Cheers…


Yet you get butthurt when people call you out for your retarded comments!

That is some retarded logic you got there.

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