How-To Red-Pill - Post Your Ideas Here For Videos, Memes, Etc, That We Could Make


If you have ideas for videos, memes, etc, we should make, post those ideas in this thread.

Straight People Never Suffer Video

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The Bury Your Computer Challenge

I have an idea. Let me tell you about it here.

I got this idea while watching this video - Pride Parade Not An Ally - by Millie Weaver. In this video, Millie was dressed up as leftist Rainbow Snatch. So, Snatch told the participants of the gay parade about how there is going to be a straight Pride Parade. Snatch asked them if they would support the straight people. The gay people said no because straight people are not persecuted.

My Video Idea

Show these people saying that straight people are not persecuted and then mix that with straight people getting fired, murdered, attacked, assaulted, raped, etc, etc. Believe it or not, straight Christians are murdered. Strait white fathers are attacked. Most people on earth are strait, so any time murder, violence, or anything really bad happens, it is happening to a straight male or female. So, my idea is simply show the left say that they wouldn’t support or help straight people until, you know, and then show those things happening, or headlines about those things happening, and mix those things up and around in the video like a music video back and forth to show that those things are already happening, those same things that leftists say is not happening is happening and it is good to show leftists saying they are not happening and then show people in the videos that those things are happening in like a music video or whatever style of videos that work best.


Videos about what???


@Minutemen-Of-America, you can post video-ideas here about anything, like, for example, my idea as seen in the second comment of this thread, above.


Last contest submission

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Are these ideas for videos that are yet to be made?


What do you think about my idea?


I like the idea…id even get strait people opinions on what they gay people who are NOT ok with strait pride.

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Thats The Point with Brandon just uploaded this…Ive known the guy since he started out and joined my FB groups.

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Time to Red Pill anybody else is over, the best we can hope for is a purple pill. With all of the conservatives on shadow banning, You tubes changes, and all of social media throttling our voices… Best get Armed best get prepped. Best learn how to garden and be your own medic.

Black Pills abound, Red Pills not so much.
The Bible is real, the stories are real and the knowledge is real, and as we inch closer to 2020 without President Trump reigning in this Big Tech takeover, the likely hood of getting Trump in for a 2nd term looms large.

These Demonrats stole every race in the 2018 Mid Terms, the 2020 race is going to get even more insane.
Project Veritas exposed several states where the votes were tampered with.
Again until Trump really drops the Hammer on the Deep State and all of this Criminal Cabal activity, we risk losing the 2020 race.

What happens if someone like Michael Obama gets elected? Or a Sanders/AOC ticket gets into power?
Will you still be a pacifist? Or will you just type really hard on your keyboard?

There are those of us that took a oath, who are 3%'ers and are itching for a battle, to restore the USA back to it’s proper role. Will this happen? Dunno, I can tell you that I train everyday with my firearms.And learn as much Dental and Medical knowledge as I can.
For when the civil war goes hot do you really think those videos of how to patch yourself up will still be one YT?

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Alright. I got an idea. It’s a sure fire money maker too.

Every time I hear Alex say “these colors don’t run” reminds me of a shirt idea I had a few years ago. It was going to be my “take the money, run, and retire” idea but I feel the money could be better used here for whoever runs with it. Here it goes…

On the front:
It needs a large gay pride flag. In large print it says
“These Colors Don’t Run…”

On the back:
Two men, holding hands, happy faced and skipping.
In between them the words: “They Skip!”

You’re Welcome.





That is not how I pictured it at all, but it’s perfect! :slight_smile: