How to Sideload the Infowars Roku App


I have written a full article on my new website, which shows you step-by-step with images how to side-load the Infowars Live App.

Since the old Infocomms posts were removed, I decided it would be wise to re-post this.
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Are we absolutely sure about Roku never being able to see it; i.e. have we seen what packets are sent to them? I know I’ll get flack for asking this from some, but it’s a family member’s account, and she’s not going to like it too much if she gets an account ban because I’ve been putting “hate speech” on it. And it’s not like we have a backup one where I can create an account…

Remember that, when you had it as a private app, they eventually took it down, and I don’t know if we’re still permitted to have private apps because they supposedly reserve the right to refuse that. Which may be in the dev agreement; I haven’t read it.


Thanks, I have been wanting to do that, But the truth is, I hardly ever get my turn on the big screen
me and dog are relegated to the old shed most times. :slight_smile:


I have not hooked it up to a packet analyzer to confirm, but here is what I know.

A private app is where I as a developer with a Roku account, upload the app to Roku’s distribution system and get a code people can use to install it with. When people use that code they download it and it’s tracked all the way through, every opening and every minute of airtime is counted. They eventually will review the app and remove it.

When you are acting as a developer and side loading the app, there is no connection to the analytics. There is no app in the cloud. They cant remove it, unless they banned your developer account, which happened to me due to the private app fiasco. Since I have negotiated with them to get my developer account back, they have not given me any trouble with side loading. They told me “You can’t reupload the app, but whatever you do with the source code…you’re quite innovative and I’m sure you will figure it out”. This sounded like a nod that they can’t see, nor do they care what source code I side load onto it. If they ban your developer account, it does lock up your Roku account, where you can’t unlink devices and can’t login to change payment information. Everything on the box continues to work normally. In this case, I reset my Roku, started a Roku account under a new email address and reinstalled my apps. Even after doing this I was not ever able to reactivate developer mode until I threatened their legal team.

But I seriously don’t think you’ll have to worry about any of that. Thus why I added that to the bottom of the article.


Wow. Very interesting.


My wife doesn’t really care for it much, but I get some laughs out of her when Alex says something wild. I think TV streaming is so important to reaching new people and really educating our entire families about what’s going on. That’s why I built this, because I saw that was their true reason for banning on YouTube.

We used to watch the Infowars Nightly News live every weeknight, on the official app. It was so informative during the 2016 election.



Good work EliteProxy!

I totally agree with your take that it probably isn’t tracked if you side-load, the simple connotation implies you are “side-stepping” (loading) the app outside of their distribution which implies that they sanction the app/channel and all that is on it. Totally agree with your assertation on exposure to the material. It is tomorrow’s news today, and I’ve been listening since the 1990’s.

BTW, not sure if people know this but “The David Knight show” is on Castbox (podcast platform for Android). Makes long flights bearable.

I decided to check for the other shows and “War Room -” is up there now too… nice. Still no current Alex Jones channel. :confused:



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Just added Off Limits to the app, although there seems to be some buffering issue with those videos even on the actual site. Should clear up in a few days:


That’s why I saved my posts.

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