I see some of you guys getting active out there!


I see some of you guys getting active out there! I want to see more action this weekend from others. Let’s not forget why we are here.


Doing? I put an idea out, take a look, feedback is welcome…

Cheers, play safe, be aware not entertained.

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Do everything you can to speak out. They can stop us behind a keyboard but not in the real world.

“if you don’t somebody will…”

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@Invalidcookie, are you ANTI-COMPUTER?

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@Invalidcookie, if they can stop behind a keyboard, then why are you behind a keyboard?

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Anti Computer? No. I go way back. Infact, I’ve done time for my actions behind a keyboard. A computer is a weapon for me. I will never go back to that though, no matter how good the money is.
However, most people if dealt with the kind of crap I and people like me go through they’d have given up. I’m just persistent.


Stickers are easy to get at any big store. Put them on your car. Alex sells a Betsy Ross Flag T-shirt, Rush Limbaugh is constantly sold out of them and having to re-order daily.

I got my car and tools stickered up. When I saw someone driving a BMW with a European license plate on the front I gave them the finger a couple months ago.


Funny how my friends in Riverside keep putting infowars stickers up. Now we got to plan something “better”. Also folks look into Chase the Patriot, Lionel Media, An0maly and more. Plenty of patriots scattered out there with different platforms, use those to network and find like minded individuals-normally in the live chats.

So many things to do/prep, so little time.


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