I wanna pay it forward.....so how about a contest?


So I have extra Infowars shirts and I’d like to pass em on to good homes. They are both size large.

One is the we are Alex Jones and one is just a basic Infowars red logo shirt…

I’ll post pics if necessary/requested.

SOOOO. If you’d like for me to send you one of these shirts, then how about participating in a game.

  • Choose a number between 1-100
  • leave a comment about why you need an Infowars shirt and what the Infowar means to you :+1::wink::grin:

I’ll use a random number generator to pick the numbers and whoever comes closest without going over wins… There will be two winners and I’ll send the shirts randomly (you don’t get a choice)

After I choose the winners I’ll pm you for address and ship them out. As a bonus I’ll send ya some stickers too :grin::+1:

If you behave like a douche on the forums you’ll immediately be disqualified…just saying.

You have one week…GO…


Can I be on the panel of judges of douches???


I second Lev. cos I won’t nominate myself :wink:


It was a sort of joke but on a serious note I don’t think people deserve to be rewarded for douche-like behavior so it’d be nice if people would just refrain from it… :wink::+1::grin:


Sadly, it’s always subjective…

‘What do you mean 5 replies for every post, naked DMs, haunting posts, expletives exceeding arguments, posts is bad behavior? That’s normal in compartmentalized TV land. I saw worse on [email protected] last week. You’re just being a *&%^!’

(That’s sarcasm btw. :stuck_out_tongue:)


I was actually thinking that as I was preparing the post … But since it’s my contest/post, I reserve the right to define the behavior :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::+1::grin:


My number is 82…I have a few Infowars shirts but one can never have enough as they can be given to freinds and family or contests like this one. Infowars means keeping a few steps ahead of what’s going on in the world. It means hearing and experiencing alternative views to what the MSM is really trying to convey beyond the over the top propaganda they hit us with. I could go and on and on but you catch my drift.


Wow. So you’re giving away free shirts?


Yes!! Feel free to join in @BeautifullyChaotic!! Just choose a number and a short comment about what the info war means to you!! :wink::+1:


Ok awesome!! 55

The Infowars means the difference between being a zombie and awake!! The truth and lies! Reality vs the matrix!! Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness vs slavery and death!!


Infowars means a fight for our lives and the future of humanity

And the reason I don’t have either of those shirts lol

Hey @MamaPotato can the winner pic the shirt they get??


I want to make it fair but if there is a preference, I’ll try to work it out :wink::+1:


Like I said I don’t have either one so it would be cool either way


What if the winner is a gay liberal mooslum? Do they still get the shirt? What if they are a POS illegal immigrant? Can you send them the shirt then report their address to ICE and have their ass deported?


I am choosing the number 1. Is this the price is right? The lowest number might win, then, right? Why do I need it? Because I run around naked all day. Holdr.


Double Deuce …



I’m closing this early and only doing one winner… I’m done with this forum… @BeautifullyChaotic honey you came closest to the number message me if still interested :blush:

Good luck guys I’m out!




Yeah, I’m embarrassed to even get people to join anymore or tell people about this forum…I don’t blame you