Idaho Reality Theater


We are celebrating Ramadan by sending out these nifty postcards. They are now arriving to Idaho legislators mailboxes. The list of Senate and House members here.


Here is a legacy activism activity from a couple weeks ago.

500 of these were delivered door to door and hand to hand in Moscow Idaho as a public service announcement of an upcoming Uni of Idaho, Moscow event and to call attention to university staffing.


Here is another legacy event from 6 weeks ago. Four hundred NIC Diversity Symposium invitations delivered door to door and hand to hand.


Moscow Safe Zone and Trading Places postcards sent out to

We also note that Marlene Tromp was the Clown World selection of the
for Boise State University President at a salary of $425,000 per year. Here is her Bio from her previous job at UC Santa Cruz. She appears on the first panel of the just sited website.

A scholar of the long nineteenth century and our current cultural moment, Tromp studies “marginal” culture, social justice, and social change. She has written on violence against women; women writers and “sensational” narratives; gender, sexuality, and empire in seances; race and freak shows; race and economics; and race, class, and gender in the Titanic disaster. Her current research project explores justice in the investigation and adjudication of murder cases from the Victorian era and today. She is professor of literature and critical race and ethnic studies.

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In an ongoing activity, 800 of these have been distributed by mail, hand to hand, door to door, and there were a couple of businesses that had them at the counters for customers to take. Our goal is to have Mohammed caricatures on refrigerators throughout Idaho, and beyond.

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