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We are celebrating Ramadan by sending out these nifty postcards. They are now arriving to Idaho legislators mailboxes. The list of Senate and House members here.


Here is a legacy activism activity from a couple weeks ago.

500 of these were delivered door to door and hand to hand in Moscow Idaho as a public service announcement of an upcoming Uni of Idaho, Moscow event and to call attention to university staffing.


Here is another legacy event from 6 weeks ago. Four hundred NIC Diversity Symposium invitations delivered door to door and hand to hand.


Moscow Safe Zone and Trading Places postcards sent out to

We also note that Marlene Tromp was the Clown World selection of the
for Boise State University President at a salary of $425,000 per year. Here is her Bio from her previous job at UC Santa Cruz. She appears on the first panel of the just sited website.

A scholar of the long nineteenth century and our current cultural moment, Tromp studies “marginal” culture, social justice, and social change. She has written on violence against women; women writers and “sensational” narratives; gender, sexuality, and empire in seances; race and freak shows; race and economics; and race, class, and gender in the Titanic disaster. Her current research project explores justice in the investigation and adjudication of murder cases from the Victorian era and today. She is professor of literature and critical race and ethnic studies.

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In an ongoing activity, 800 of these have been distributed by mail, hand to hand, door to door, and there were a couple of businesses that had them at the counters for customers to take. Our goal is to have Mohammed caricatures on refrigerators throughout Idaho, and beyond.


There were a couple of activities of note in and around North Idaho in the last couple weeks… Here is the first.


and here is the second.


A note about the ALLAH IS GAY sign:
The protest at the CdA IHOP was sparked by local support for Brittany Pettibone. The protesters were supposed to have been there to protest her presence. The sign was a reference to her flyer which got her and Lauren Southern thrown out of the UK. This sign was simply a way of having her message present. Disappointingly, many of the lefty perv protesters did no know who Brittany Pettibone is and did not know any of her exploits including that the pictured sign was her message. They were quite attracted to the message as the rainbow flag was included. Ignorance abounded among the lefties. How disappointing.


As foreshadowed in the June 2 post above, we have done some work to promote the new Boise State University President, Marlene Tromp, and the Idaho State Board of Education. See them one, see them all, sans one.


Do you think individual communities can ban Islam?

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Muslims cannot abide blasphemy. It makes them look weak in front of their women and children. The depiction of Mo in my posts above, as you well know, is blasphemy. If enough blasphemy is extant in a community, muslims may seek to attack it, but they will not seek to live with it.

My intent is not only to document the activities of IRT here, it is to provide downloadable graphics and ideas. People need to engage in simple street activities to get accustomed to acting in the real world among friends and foes alike. Street smarts is attained in this way and will make future street activities more fruitful… and its fun.

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Depictions of Mo should be commonplace so that the nature of Islam is rendered apparent.

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ClownWorld is ready for distribution. Let the mocking begin.


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Well that escalated quickly!!

It seems as though lefties cannot tolerate satire. We all knew that already didnt we. The anti free speech lefty attitude is also on full display in the articles below.

Debbie Critchfield’s comments in the second article deserve expounding. Tromp’s bio from UC Santa Cruz is uploaded below. Tromp is responsible. This is what she does and believes. Did the Idaho State Board of Ed read her bio and expect she would not continue ClownWorld in Idaho? Also in regard to her 8 member board comment… see above post where ClownWorld is introduced…“See them one, see them all, sans one.”

There is a common theme in the campus actions taken by Idaho Reality Theater. That theme is the mental illness among the lefties and their efforts to normalize mental illness. The LGBTQA agenda is central to that effort. The comments of Webb and Jordan in these articles corroborate that theme. The hopes of Hahn about having “meaningful dialogue” and by Hill about “civility and sitting down and reasoning” will not be realized. How does one succeed at these objectives with the fanatically mentally ill who support drag queens at libraries to interact with children? The State of Idaho allocates 60+% of its budget to education. It is now being revealed for all to see that large parts of that budget are being used by lefties to induce, advance and normalize mental illness in the youth.

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Welcome to INFOCOMMS! Cheers Brother.


Nice comments section.

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Do you play Warhammer 40K or do you just like the artwork?

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This campaign is getting a little long in the tooth… but since the Idaho governor weighed in, i feel obligated to share his thoughts.

Comment on his comments. There is only one USPS processing center in Idaho, that being in Boise. Any Idaho zip codes starting with 835 and 838 will go to Spokane, WA for processing and postmarking. If these postcards had hypothetically been dropped into a USPS drop box in Moscow, ID on Friday last, they would go to Spokane for processing. Make no mistake Governor, this postcard, as distasteful as it portrays the lefties in Idaho higher education, is simply a reflection of their distasteful ideology and activities. The Idaho focus groups exposed to this cartoon wholeheartedly agreed.


Looks like this thing has legs.

I am adding this article in as it presents the money involved in the diversity cult…sometimes called the multicult.

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Get off the sidelines and into the game.