Idea for InfoWars: Youtube search engine


Does anyone know if anything specifically prevents someone from developing a third-party Youtube search (that didn’t push corporate propaganda to the top of its results for instance.)

Would be cool if Alex took this on as a project. youtubeuncensored dot com or something. I think the bandwidth cost would be pretty minimal since it’s pure text/search queries.

Youtube search as it is now is useless for finding truth.


Anyone could make their own search engine but applying would be a different story. I don’t think anyone can do that. You would have to hack into their database and change things. I may be wrong but I don’t think it could be done.


Actually, it should be pretty easy to catalog every video that Youtube possesses. You merely process every video ID possibility. (Every Youtube video has an ID of 11 characters in length each character being 1 from a set of 64.)

Certainly no hacking necessary.


If it’s so easy how about you do it them.




Exactly it’s not that easy.


It’s easy enough in theory. Setting it up involves money and expertise however that I don’t have.


@ZarkMuckerberg, there are thousands of Firefox addons and some of them may do something like this possibly. If not, then there are websites which filters YouTube videos that provide their own search engines that combs and filters through YouTube videos. I know this because I found out that my YouTube videos were on these websites I have never heard of before. Do you think I accused them of plagiarism? No.


I could set it up, and it really even be that hard to do, at least from the server side of things. The problem is how we translate that into revenue, and thus can sustain the business.



I am just going to paste what I have done so far from the other thread.

YouTube Puts up the wall of mainstream media channels in search results to block alternative media, I am going to try and tear it down.

Block YouTube videos from any channel you want.
Video Blocker allows you to hide videos from channels that you don’t like. You can specify these channels by right-clicking on a link to a video on YouTube or by adding them manually via the options page.

This means I should be able to block mainstream media channels and not see that wall of MSM channels in search results.

What is needed is a browser extension specifically designed to get around censorship by algorithm .

I am blocking MSM YouTube Channels now

After blocking about 100 MSM Youtube channels I searched Yellow vest protests as a test and had to block about 20 more but it seems to work I got videos from real users and alternative media.

One of you nerds who is real good at computers needs to create an app or browser extension to counter act censorship by algorithm.

It would be totally cool if Infowars spread the final product.


How about we really start helping to build up Brighteon better? Or are we stuck to Youtube forever?


Do both.

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Oh shit, thank you for that. Since Youtube broke their search I rarely bother to search for anything, but that might be a temporary workaround.


That’s what I was thinking. They could call it infotube dot com or something and it would be a way to branch into the broader dissident/wrongthink market as well.


Everything goes on the private INFOWARS server and then we search on it.


@ZarkMuckerberg, have you not seen the add-ons on Firefox?


Which ones are you referring to? I’d like to check that out and see what out there one my books and videos I’ve created!


I’ve sent this link to myself so that I can check it out when I’ve got more time.

Thanks 4 sharing.


The problem with that I’m not impressed with is that it only allows you upload like 17 videos and then you have to get so many views to be able to upload 25 videos total and so on…

I’m having issues with people being to lazy to click the YouTube or links to watch the videos. So I started to upload mine & infowars videos DIRECTLY to my personal Facebook page THEN people started actually taking the time to watch & sharing them.

I’m uploading mine & infowars videos to REDPILL as many people as possible. I’m NOT monetizing so I’m not making any $$$ off my channel(s) so OBVIOUSLY $$$ is NOT my motivation…

Reaching those who are under the #MKULTRA Mind Control experiment is whom I’m trying to reach…Just like #AlexJones #Infowars did for me in 2006.

My YouTube channel is: GreggHuestis67, @GreggHuestis67 on Twitter & Instagram.


No? I don’t use Firefox. Which ones are you referring to and do they utilize Youtube’s own search engine or their own?

I’ve done a google/duckduckgo search from time to time for a third party Youtube search site but to my surprise I’ve never found one.