Ideas to stop 5G


Any ideas how to peacefully stop 5G like suing the telecoms for health hazards?

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Welcome @NinjaAlex420,

I seen my first 5g tower yesterday (Nashville area). This large straight tower with a few palm tree looking limbs sticking out of it. Just a horrible feeling seeing it…

I’m not sure what can be done peacefully, but I’m with you on it.

Need solid proof of what 5g could be doing though.


If you can acquire an EMF meter, ideally detecting up to 10Ghz or more, that would be a good first step for determining exposure. The non-thermal effects of millimeter wave radiation are well documented. It is the responsibility of the FCC to ensure the safety of 5G technology, which it hasn’t. What needs to happen legislatively is the repeal of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which states in Section 704, wireless antenna permits cannot be denied on the basis of health concerns. I would contact your local legislators, House Reps, State Senators and schedule a meeting to demand they act.


Can we promote an alternative to 5G?


Hate to say it but I don’t think they intend to.


Good question Joey. The issue is mobility. Fiber would work fine for home and business use, but 5G allows for mobility. Unfortunately, it’s necessary for the dystopic future our leaders have designed for us. There would be no self-driving cars, drones, AI, facial-recognition, robots, IoT without it.

Our leaders are too obsessed with beating China to the forefront to be bothered with innovating any other solutions or conducting safety tests on the 5G tech currently being deployed. The profits to be made from 5G are more important than your health. And if millions of people develop mysterious illnesses from the millimeter wave exposure (which they will), well that’s just more money in the pocket of the pharmaceutical industry that will bank on selling the drugs to treat the alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, neurological and reproductuve disorders that will inevitably arise.

People have no idea what’s coming. The health dangers of 5G are a threat of apocalyptic levels. Unless we unrelentingly pressure our lawmakers to stop deployment, we are all royally fucked. As Martin Pall, Phd correctly stated, the rollout of 5G technology is the single most stupid thing that is being done to humans in the history of mankind. If you think our leaders could not possibly be stupid (or evil) enough to deploy technology they know will cause universal dementia and basically destroy all biological life, think again.

Please watch the video in its entirety.


There would have to be someone with the know how, the funds and resources to be able to do it. Compete against what is already there. Something safer for the environment. Then it would be tested, and put up for a vote. Just trying to come up with a logical conclusion.

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The point is to STOP it. All these questionable “protective” schemes should not be necessary if we act to stop its deployment. Anyway, I would need more evidence than a toothless guy’s youtube video to be convinced that these bracelets have any effect whatsoever.


He’s right. :point_up::point_up::point_up:

Being productive as in replaceing it will take too much time. They already go it up here where I am.

Which is why my internet was going in and out.

Confirmed by my isp.


I have seen a lot of his videos and from listening to him in my view he knows what he’s talking about. I’m not an expert. But its worth a try. Maybe you could listen to see of his other videos to before you come to a conclusion.

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It’s worth a beta test.

But how?


No, what’s worth a try is calling the White House, calling your State Representative, your Senator, or even schedule a meeting to show them the evidence of harm, and complete lack of safety testing and DEMAND they halt deployment.

Anything less is tacit approval of its deployment. We cannot be complacent and passive anymore. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that this technology be stopped. Watch the interview above please to understand how urgent this is.


That makes sense too. I’m going to get off the comms for a bit.

Here’s Congress.

(202) 244-3121

Here’s the white house

(202) 456-1111


Yeah I was just going to say that myself. We need to stop it period. Because this shit is going to affect our health including wild life.


I think anything is worth a try if it sounds reasonable and the person seems credible. I was watching a show on how they did not believe the moon landing was real, one reason was because the rocket would burn up from radiation impact through the Vanderbilt. But they tested the material sheilding the rocket and found out the rocket would not burn up. So NASA knew what they were doing way back in the 1960 s. So there. could Also be some protective materials that could possibly protect us from 5G.


Well ya we need to keep contacting the whitehouse, senators and showing the harm 5G does. But in the meantime 5G is already out ant frying people, so we need to protect ourselves as well.


If that’s all you need, then great. Personally, I need evidence, otherwise I would be wasting my time.


Well try it and see, if it works then you will have evidence. Of course sometimes we don’t know now how we are being affected in the long term. But some are being affected now from 4G. Cell towers. A friend of mine in the mountains said the doctor told her to get out of the city because to many cell towers. They were causing her to have severe rashes and headaches.

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I don’t have time to try every harebrained new age bullshit scheme out there. Show me the evidence first, then I’ll give it a try. In the meantime, please share with us the response you’ve gotten from taking this issue to your local and state officials.

Here, I will even post my city council speech. This is a bit longer than 5 minutes. Feel free to use it at your local council meetings or with your state lawmakers.

I’d like to start by defining a term you may be familiar with. The precautionary principle.

The precautionary principle can best be described as follows:

Where there are possibilities of large or irreversible serious effects, scientific uncertainty should not prevent protective actions from being taken.


action should be taken, even if there is considerable scientific uncertainty.

In the US, the precautionary principle has been a cornerstone of policy formation with regard to health, safety and the environment for over 30 years, even longer than in the EU, where it is also used as a guiding principle in law making processes.

However, when it comes to the deployment of 5G, the fifth generation of internet speed and access, the precautionary principle is being completely disregarded, possibly because it is irrelevant. For what we are dealing with are not possibilities of large or irreversible serious biological effects. We are dealing with certain, cumulative, irreversible biological effects. Despite the hundreds of scientific studies showing non-thermal biological effects of EMF (wireless) radiation, the FCC, in the pocket of the telecommunications industry, or Big Radiation as I like to call them, has seen fit to fast track the deployment of this technology into our communities. Due to the short wavelength, and limited travel distance of the signals, small-cell antenna units, literally a mass of electronic junk, must be installed on new and existing poles an average of every city block to maximize coverage. They will be in our right of ways, in front of our schools, our houses of worship, and our homes. Possibly right outside our bedroom windows.

No protective actions are being taken. The FCC does not have medical professionals on staff. They purposely ignore the definitive, scientifically documented effects of EMF radiation and specifically the use of microwave 3-30Ghz and millimeter wavelengths from 30-300 Ghz. They cite guidelines from 30 years ago based on industry funded research that only looked at thermal effects, usually of only one cell phone held near the head, and ignore the research showing cumulative, irreversible effects of continuous exposure at non-thermal levels. The entire collection of scientific research studying the roles of pulsation, frequency, polarization, and cell type could not exist without genuine biological effects to study. Even the military has exploited the biological effects of millimeter wave radiation in its crowd control weapon, the Active Denial System.

Currently over 207 scientists and physicians who have researched the biological and health effects of EMF radiation have celled for a moratorium on the use of 5G technologies until more research is conducted and proves the safety of this technology.

Some of the documented biological effects include:

Damage to the eyes- cataracts, retina
Lowered fertility, including tissue changes in the testis, lowered sperm count and sperm quality, lowered female fertility including ovarian changes, oocyte (follicle) loss, lowered estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels (that is sex hormone levels), increased spontaneous abortion incidence, lowered libido
Neurological/neuropsychiatric effects:
Apoptosis/cell death (an important process in production of neurodegenerative diseases that is also important in producing infertility responses):
Immune system disruption
Oxidative stress/free radical damage (important mechanisms involved in almost all chronic diseases; direct cause of cellular DNA damage, including single and double strand breaks):
Genetic damage
Metabolic disruption
Damage to sperm
Skin damage
Increased intracellular calcium: Our cells contain what are called Voltage Gated Calcium Channels. These channels are opened intermittently by having a small voltage applied to them. What 5G millimeter wave radiation does is apply a voltage of around 7.2 million times the normal level to these channels, continuously, resulting in sustained elevation of intracellular calcium which needless to say, results in a myriad of pathophysiological (disease causing) effects.
Collapse of insect populations, the base of food for birds and bats
Rise in bacterial resistance and bacterial shifts
Damage to plants and trees

To emphasize, these are established scientific facts. The question is not if 5G will result in one or more of these effects. It is only a question of how quickly. Currently, our safety guidelines are allowing us to be exposed to microwave radiation that is approximately 7.2 million times too strong. If 5G is permitted to be deployed, we are looking at exposure hundreds of times more powerful. We cannot allow this to proceed.

If the FCC and Big Radiation has its way, exposure to toxic microwave and millimeter wave radiation will be inescapable. The payoff, Big Radiation promises, will be the ability to talk to our toasters and have our washing machines order detergent on their own. It is needed, they tell us, to beat the Chinese economically, to be at the forefront of innovation, to generate tens of billions in revenue. We need driverless cars, they tell us, because our future is one of passivity. We need an internet of things, because our future, they tell us, is that of everything around us connected to the internet, listening and watching us constantly. So, we need to restructure our neighborhoods to make way for drones, robots and artificial intelligence that will surely make our lives more convenient. We won’t have to think as much. Our homes and cities will be “smart”. It will be a utopia, they assure us. This is the future they wish to impose upon us, without our permission, without our informed consent. It is, simply put, a crime against humanity. I urge the council to oppose the implementation of 5G technology and will provide you a letter from an attorney outlining the legal justification for denying small-cell permits. This letter was used successfully in the city of Sebastopol, California to persuade Verizon to retract their permit application.

The largest review of occupational exposures shows substantial evidence regarding the cumulative and irreversible nature of these effects. And to make matters worse, as health declines, the harmful effects are amplified.
According to the National Institute of Mental Health, neuropsychiatric disorders are the leading cause of disability in the US, and diseases such as autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia have shown rapid recent increases. EMF exposure is never investigated as a possible culprit. No doubt, the same ignorance will be displayed when various other epidemics begin to emerge if we do not come to our senses.

One of those considerations comes from our knowledge that pulsation pattern, cell type, polarization and frequency can all influence biological effects and that there are exposure windows that produce much larger effects than are seen with either lower or higher intensities. Our knowledge of these factors mean that it is possible for the telecommunications industry to foster any number of studies where it is unlikely that statistically significant evidence of effects will be seen.

The FCC had been given the power of regulating the location of cell phone towers by the 1996 telecommunications act, which also prohibited, as I understand it, any state or local government from protecting their people’ s health by regulating cell phone tower positioning. In other words, the 1996 telecommunications act de facto stated that the U.S. Federal government valued telecommunication industry profits over every single health impact of microwave frequency radiation, no matter how serious it is, to the American people.

Section 332©(7)(B)(iv) of the Act wrests zoning authority from local governments. Specifically, they cannot cite health concerns about the effects of tower radiation to deny tower licenses so long as the towers comply with FCC regulations.

These high levels of exposure are not necessary. Switzerland has safety guidelines that are 100 times more stringent than ours, Russia has safety guidelines that are 1000 times more stringent than ours. The health effects we see now will no doubt rise much further in the future without any increasing exposure, because many of these effects are cumulative, eventually becoming irreversible.

The U.S. Conference of Mayors, the National League of Cities and the National Conference of State Legislatures have joined a growing list of jurisdictions, including six of the country’s 10 largest cities — New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Dallas and San Jose, California — in opposing the FCC order.

“The U.S. Conference of Mayors strongly opposes recent proposals by the Federal Communications Commission to grant communications service providers subsidized access to local public property and to dictate how local governments manage their own local rights-of-ways and public property. This unprecedented federal intrusion into local (and state) government property rights will have substantial adverse impacts on cities and their taxpayers, including reduced funding for essential local government services, as well as an increased risk of right-of-way and other public safety hazards.