If you are receiving this transmission, you are the resistance


Am I just not supposed to talk about such occurrences? Because Alex Jones does, he’s not crazy.

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What in the world was that?


is that you in @Ghost_Report running in the clip…


I don’t know, walkie talkie? Surveillance? It intercepted my PC


Running ? I have no clip of myself running


Oh, no that’s not me. That was me watching infowars.com


Do you have a cordless home phone?


I have a cell phone, yes.


Yeah that’s weird… Your computer may be being remotely controlled or something. Pretty crazy


I have another long clip, it would take hours to upload to Youtube, but I will. I recorded the Alex Jones show and there are voices in the background.


Not a cell phone a landline phone on a wireless system.


No, Sr., I do not have that.

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You may be receiving someones scanner signals. If I could hear the voices I could probably be able to tell.


Ok, will reply in a few hours. Slow internet and upload time for YouTube, I will send unedited

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Slow interwebs blows big time.


The video file I was looking for is MISSING, not deleted. I made sure not to delet. This is a Snapchat video I made of the video because I was freaking out. When I put on headphones, I could hear “What’s up” and “Conspiracy”. I’m attempting to upload another that I found with males talking in the background, there’s no men in my house :confused: Also that dangling thing is my MIC cord, it was torn, so I spliced it, it could be transmitting and receiving. Lifehack if you want to try it :slight_smile:


Hello Ghost_Report,

It sounded like someone was talking the entire time, and I only heard one voice that appeared to be “broadcasting”. No pauses for another to speak, so it sounded to me like you has something else running in the background minimized? It wasn’t from Alex’s broadcast as the voice continued during buffering of the IW show. If you had two streams running (maybe one is audio only) that my be why your download speed was swamped.

Check your audio/mixer tool, you can see what applications are sending data to the audio. Close down all other tabs and browsers to try and isolate.

Reboot and only have one browser open to do the vid dowload or cap or whatever you are doing.

Good luck,


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