If you didn't know who was president, based on foreign policy decisions, who would you guess and why?


I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Trump and Clinton. The only difference is Clinton told us she would entangle us further in foreign quagmires, and Trump promised he wouldn’t. How’s that “America First” working out for us now?


TBH I’ve never cared for or paid much attention to politics until these last few years… And the main reason I’ve turned focus towards it at all is because there has been a distinct alignment with what I know to be end times prophecy… I may end up getting critized for admitting this but I have never “supported” any politician…they are all basically part of the same system…and until Trump exits the system and it’s corrupt legacy, and reconstructs a “true” American system, he’s apart of it… And I find it ridiculous that there are those who would continuously make excuses for him while ignoring the major factors of the plight our country is facing… Political correctness be damned… We are in dire straits and our country is falling… Desperate times, ultimately call for desperate measures…

Either way, prophecy is on track… :expressionless:


When America “interferes” with other nation’s governance (regardless if we agree with that nation’s governance or not), that makes our nation nothing more than HYPOCRITICAL…

It would definitely mean war if another nation did that to ours…

Humanitarian aid is one thing, but anything beyond that… Unnecessary interference…


Not today @TheIsz… I already see you typing!! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We didn’t go to war with NK.

Instead Trump got NK and SK talking at the table. Something that how many world leaders have come and gone and never seen?

I’d say Trump’s “America first”, while “based on foreign policy decisions” is actually pretty good. arguably better than any other world leader’s ever.

But that’s just my perspective as Trump solved a modern day Gordion Knot.



Vox has less credibility than Bazooka Joe comics.


By the way, if it isn’t obvious…Trump is entirely wrapped up in “MONEY” and “WINNING”… He’s a very proud/arrogant man and always has been… He generally only gives focus to things that benefit him and if you watch his demeanor when it is possible that he will be viewed as defeated…well yeah… You can tell he’s just arrogant…


That video just played excerpts from news interviews… Trump’s own words…with some commentary…


Like CNN, or NBC, ABC?



In case you hadn’t noticed, Trump has proven that false, and proven himself better than that than anyone else on world stage.

You may have forgotten or not understand what chivalry is, but the men that actually walk that walk can see it easily.

Arrogant? LOL.

NO salary
Eats with the Troops
Spent half of the SOTU praising others for their merits
Shows up at Hurricane disasters to aid, before Obeyme.

Trump isn’t arrogant at all. Jealous people often make that mistake.


Bahahhahaha hahaha :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Like I said, Not today… I’m still finding it hilarious that he’s not even your president and you defend him like crazy…

By the way you might wanna pause that Trump train and research his finances… He’s actually pretty brilliant at robbing us blind while he plays off being soooooo genuine and “Patriotic”… But hey don’t take my word for it… Do the research…


Here ya go…this is where you can start…


YOu know what arrogance is?

Pointing fingers at perceived blemishes, and not a giving credit where it is due.

I find it hilarious you find it so hard to give presumption of innocence, because the behavior being exuded to deny it always comes back on the perpetrator.

I defend him, because no one else does. And he’s earned being defended better than anyone including YOU.


First off I have given credit…

Secondly, I did give him presumption of innocence at the beginning of his presidency…

He has given plenty since then to make me doubt…

Maybe if you weren’t so caught up in whatever it is that blinds you, you might would see it…

Like I said… ALL POLITICIANS ARE CORRUPT… THE WHOLE SYSTEM IS… And as far as the evidence shows… He’s not overhauling it, HE’S MANIPULATING IT for his own end goals…and he’s exploiting our Patriotic pride in the process… :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


What once before sometime you thought about not attacking him and his character?
YOu attack him and his character viciously nearly every single day with baseless suspicions. Every single day.
I only defend him ALL the time by your own words, because YOU keep attacking him.

If SHTF, and everything go crazy. While I still live, I’m going to run and save people I KNOW I can rely on. Like Trump. not arrogant people spending all day viciously pointing fingers at anyone except themselves.

I’m going to run and defend someone like Trump. Because they’ve earned it. and proven it, by walking more than talking and pointing fingers.

This is what humanity is, and does.

Why don’t you point fingers at Vox and every other scripted MSM paid of media company like you do Trump?

Oh I know why. It’s COOL to point fingers at Trump mercilessly. No one’s going to stand up to you like I do. It’s easy to get away with abusing finger pointing at Trump isn’t it? Power feels good amirite?

If you have to scream it MORE than prove it. You’re lying to yourself and always have been.

Reason > Feelings @MamaPotato

And NO amount of feels will change it. Period.


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: Exaggerate much :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do you think he’d do the same? :rofl::joy::rofl:

You must not pay attention to anything except Trump lol…

Technically it’s not “screaming”… It’s emphasis but you trying to rationalize it as such shows you’re on a “feels” trip… :joy::rofl::joy:


Look @TheIsz… We all get it… You’re a Trump fanatic… I’m not arguing with you… Have fun with that… Meanwhile I’m over here paying attention to important things… Cheers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Everyone sees it. Actions > Words.

YOu even acknowledged it by “Why do yo u keep defending him?”
You’re the one I mostly defend him from. It’s YOU attacking him ALL the time, by your own actions, and now admission.

He’s proven it. YOu haven’t proven anything. Yes, I believe him over your paranoia.

Then why can I beat every argument by simply pointing out you’re pointing fingers with zero substance and all assertion and accusation?

No one gave you power or authority to behave that way. YOu can, and I won’t stop you, but I will point out how ridiculous you look doing it all on your lonesome.

You still aren’t proving anything @MamaPotato

YOu still have no argument.