If you didn't know who was president, based on foreign policy decisions, who would you guess and why?


Nope. You’re wrong.

I defend those who earn IT.

No one stands by AOC. I don’t defend AOC because there is nothing to defend.

NO one has MORE to defend than Trump does.

No one on the planet has proven more to defend than Trump.
If I won’t defend Trump, there’s no one to defend.

I’m not a fanatic… You’re a zealot.

I only defend after your attack. not before. that’s why it’s YOU that are the problem @MamaPotato
Not me, and not Trump.


Jared Kushner would be my first guess. George Soros maybe as well.


Good grief 🤦 it must be tough dealing with that you got going on… And no, I’m sorry Trump is “our” President, not Canada’s… It supposed to be “America” first so I don’t think an anonymous Canadian is on his radar… But you have fun in that Fantasyland you got going… Meanwhile back in reality here in America we are seriously looking at relevant information and determining how bad the “s***” will hit the fan…



Are you still trying to sell your fear, doubt, and ignorance porn with no argument?

It’s been months… that’s really confusing.

Then why is Trump impacting Europe? Korea?

LoL… keep pretending.


@hxtr from what I’ve seen Jared and Ivanka run the white house anyways… :thinking:


That is what we are doing. The invasion is happening. Lots of things we are facing. We are at the cusp of more events.

They want to take the Alamo away… use the prime property for something else. Over this Texican’s dead body. We are a huge tourist town and people come here to see the Alamo. They are trying hard to change our history and hurt our industry.


Trump has not made any definitive change in his foreign policy compared to the Obama administration. We are still meddling in the affairs of Yemen, Iran, Syria, and Venezuela. He’s launched illegal attacks based on false intel on Syria twice, and reimposed sanctions on Iran to decimate their economy and pressure regime change. He’s continued backing the Saudi war on Yemen, creating a humanitarian disaster that goes unmentioned in the MSM. It seems that he’s now setting us up for a proxy war with Russia in Venezuela by arming the opposition. What annoys me is AJ pushing this like it’s a good thing.

Don’t be deceived by the appearance of peace now between the US and N. Korea. I’m pretty sure this is nothing more than the same imperialist playbook John Perkins wrote about in Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Except Trump, the president, is the one bribing Kim. Watch what happens if Kim doesn’t take the bribe, the promises of economic prosperity if he plays along. If you see him offered huge loans from the IMF and World Bank to ostensibly develop their infrastructure, you’ll know this is just another economic hitjob.


Well, by now the caravans would have a got to. In, though I know some still are. Maybe a million more people by now. The left would not know about fake news.
There would be no Merry Christmas. Japan would have Proballt been nuked or they would have compromised with Kim Ill.
Hillary would have paid off Kim I to keep him from nuking us. Like Bill Clinton did, Ills dad. No deals would have been made to bring factory jobs back.


George W. Bush, or John Bolton. Same difference.


No, Bush and Bolton didn’t call out fake news who are the enemy of the people. Bush would have all ready created another war for his multi interests and big bankers to profit. He would have taken any opportunity to go to war. Like he did Afghanistan and Iraq, taking out Hussain who he double crossed.


Let’s just admit that everyone who voted for Trump to get a non-interventionalist foreign policy, got a neocon retread. Not only that, but most of you won’t admit it and will make any excuse for him under the sun.


Also Bush created propaganda about Hussaine. To get the US to go against him.
We had a choice Hillary or Trump. I would go with Trump any day over Hillary and now Kamilla, Sanders, Michelle, ex CEO Starbucks, Hillary again, and the other one forgot.


Definitely not Geo. Washington
… Maybe Reagan


I don’t see Reagan contemplating an action in Venezuela while simultaneously blowing “Chairman” Kim. Or do I?


Ya, I liked Reagan he was against the NWO.


That’s why Bush had him shot


I’ve asked this on Twitter, but after Trump is done eating Kim’s dick, will he be hungry again an hour later (asian food joke).


Oh ya, That is true. Nancy did not like being in the same room with the Bushes after that. Wonder if the Buses have a stack of bodies like the Clintons?.


You mean Kim’s dog?. They do eat dog over there.


I think I ate dog once. During a port visit in Curacao I had some street meat and I remember looking around seeing all these mangy stray dogs. It suddenly dawned on me…