Illegal Immigration


Love the new Tariffs on Mexico, Raise them until they stop them! Trump has zero help in congress


I heard that today. I like how my President is always thinking!


It’s sickening how everyone believes the propaganda that “there isn’t an emergency at the boarder” even when we had the house we couldn’t get it stopped. Too many Rinos and people owned by the lobbyists

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So what can we actually LEGALLY do??? I do not understand how so many are just going along with this.! I’m in the bay area and we desperately need patriots to put peaceful boots on the ground. I’m new here are there any California infowarriors getting something going?

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I think raising awareness is a good start. It’s almost like a Mass Culling is underway.


Thats exactly why they are attacking peoples way of communication. Assuming this isn’t some honeypot/contOP then what we have here is VERY powerful. I wish there was some local boards, so we could start meeting up.


I hear ya man… it’s hard to get something going in a Liberal State/City/Town.
Iv’e been checking out Local Conservative/Republican Groups here in Chicago.

It’s Ruff.

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