I'm afraid A FALSE FLAG attack might happen


I’m afraid A FALSE FLAG attack might happen sometime soon, maybe within the next few days possibly in the southern district part of New York to then keep the federal prosecutors office occupied with a terrorist investigation instead of looking more closely into Jeffrey Epstein’s situation and whomever else is connected to him and the sex trafficking case. This would be an opportunity for those involved to take the heat off themselves and stir up something and blame it on Trump. I hope I’m wrong but we all know how the Deep State operates.

False Flag Alert for Portland

Considering the embedded Leftists/Leftovers within these investigative Security Bureaucracies.
What changes to the flow of information gathered and weaponizing of against competitors within Democrats machinery, infighting over who’s at top of control centers.
Definitely are power groups struggling to advantage themselves during such major upheaval.
Lol lolol

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They’re always trying to trigger false flags, terrorism, etc, all the time, so it is a miracle that mass shootings, etc, do NOT happen each day but globalists are trying to push people to do as much harm as possible without limit and they and others have been at this game for decades or even centuries and it is not new. Not new. Emphasis on not new. Things are worse and better in the 2010’s in a variety of ways as patriots rise and as the left falls and yet the globalists and others are still behind the scenes doing what they have been doing for so many decades or longer and they are the root to and the root of many issues in the world.


We need a media that is not afraid of facts. They have only themselves to blame for conspiracies, because they HAVE tried to cover up things (ahem Trump Russia hoax). Who knows that they are covering up???


Alex is away from ATX HQ I was worried about this.


Same here.

When any situation looks like shit, the narritive sounds like shit hitting the floor, then the outcome will smell shit as it usually does…


I predict an attempt in the transit system. NYC residents stay vigilant. I’m always on high alert.

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Hey @SeanCrowley1776 … maybe it’s time you play The Lottery.

Check it out


Or Sean had “inside knowledge”…


There are terror cells inside the us run by Iran.

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…and maybe a shopping cart too!




@SeanCrowley1776 how did you know that?


Anybody who uses a rice cooker is suspected of not being able to cook!


True. Single purpose equipment is such a waste.


Wouldn’t a plain old skillet work just as fine?

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Alright, Sean’s off the hook…

…for now.

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Authorities are treating the rice cookers as “hoax” devices

From CNN’s Dakin Andone, Mark Morales, Brynn Gingras and Shimon Prokupecz

NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said authorities are currently treating the investigation into the rice cookers as if they were “hoax” devices.

He said police have reviewed video from the subway complex where two of the rice cookers were found. It showed a white man in his 20s or 30s with dark hair and a shopping cart leaving the two rice cookers at the scene, he said.

“Obviously we would like to speak to this person,” Miller said.

False flag concerns back on! :wink:

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