I'm having real trouble mobalizing people


I’m having real trouble mobilizing people, they all seem willing to vote for Trump, assuming nothing incredibly stupid happens.

lots of Trump voters are not happy with the GOP though, and the more the GOP appears to chase the “center”, the more likely people will vote for the DNC’s craziest. The party better start showing it can back up Trump’s agenda. The same strategic geniuses didn’t see anything coming before, they are still wrong now.


In my honest opinion we need a new party. I’m no fan of the RNC because deep down they are all the same as these Clowns running the Demarcate party.

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We can’t do that though, and if we can’t influence the GOP we have no chance of influencing the new party if it got power. Look at Europe, they’ve gotten new parties for years, and see the same crap each time. Political parties are vassals, they are not the source of the influence.

The job of a political party is to win no matter what. OUR job is to make sure they can only win when they serve us, the national citizenry.


I got the same issue here. Seems like all what’s left is people willing to be ignorant


Not good enough of an answer, we need to clarify.


It’s exactly as I feared would happen. Even the left is fighting the same battles with old guard (e.g. Pelosi, Biden). We obviously hope the GOP understands that the party can go a certain direction based on a leader (the constitutionalist one these days), you’d think they’d have learned that from 2011, but so long as they drag the knuckles, we’re not going to get our freedoms back.


All I ever hear is “well I can’t do anything about it” or “I’m not going to do anything until they come to my doorstep.”

Cowardice mixed with ignorance.


You just made the argument why we must vote for the DNC, as much as I hate to accept it.

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Even if beto makes it in?


I didn’t say we had to vote against Trump himself, assuming he gets his neo-con problem under control.

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I thought 2016 was bad.

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Maybe we could be the new party. ( The Infocomms Party) Hey its got to start somewhere.


No new parties, that’s not our system works, nor how it can ever work in practice. If we have the organizational capability to start a party, we have the capability to just take one over.



Check @ADASTRAPERASPERA’s post :point_up:


I just have no interest in lamentations, we are not experiencing the will of the people, we are experiencing the will of small illegitimate section of of elites. We have faith in humanity around here, that’s one of our core values.

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Hey, we dont know what kind of monsteros parties will be out there in 2024, “The Democratic Socialist Party” "The Democratic Communist Party. "The Democratic Rebublican Party.

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Trump didn’t do it by himself.

We did.

Infowars people got a lot of citizens to vote Trump.

We must continue.

We must continue to get people to do more than that.

So, how did we get here in the first place?

We got here by helping people to see the swamp.

So, we popularize draining the swamp.

Trump rode on that wave.

Trump didn’t make that wave.

So, we must continue to make waves.

New waves.

Bigger waves.

We must continue to show people alternatives.

And problems.

At the same time.

And then encourage them to be part of history.


Your message is a utopian globalist message.


Joey with all due respect, your ideology prevents you from even understanding how politics works in practice. I want to believe what you wrote, but politics isn’t done through osmosis.


I see it, let me think harder about our action plan, I will investigate all the political organizations to see if we’re not alone still.

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