In Antarctica the government is hiding secret ailens and other top secret stuff they don't want us to know


In Antarctica their are armed guards every where its military there guarding ailens in there secret base i wonder what else there hiding in there



“Aliens”?!? Call them by their true name


I saw a video last night about.that, but I did not like the narrating, they sounded fake, video seemed doctored to me…but that was video I saw so far.


The shapeshifting reptillians


Getting closer…


I saw a vid also about it also a while back ago the perso i watched showed everything and sounded right to me


The Anunnaki and the chitauri


Think interdimensional not interplanetary


Illegal aliens , extratredestrial


thats funny. Hahahaha


Illegal Aliens are Extra-FeeTrainrial


That’s an interesting video…Maybe that place is going to be a part of Rev 13-18…


Does China have a base on Antarctica?


Everything I’ve seen with conspiracy type Antarctica narratives involves aliens. I did see a compelling one a few years ago though that had “proof” of a giant hole leading into the earth. Am I getting close?


Maybe no aliens. But maybe there are some people down there.


Mabey. I know the Thule society (the precursors to the Nazis I believe) were heavily interested in Antarctica and later, Hitler was also. They claim that one of their UBoats found an opening in the earth that led to place called “Agartha” or something which was the home to a race of interdementional humans if I remember correctly…Who knows



Pyramids? What’s your theory on them?


I’ve read that it’s the fallen angels… :thinking: