In Antarctica the government is hiding secret ailens and other top secret stuff they don't want us to know


Bingo!!! On top of it again @MamaPotato lol although I just call them demons.


So the government is hiding demons in Antarctica??


That’s kind of a simplistic way of putting it


Like how Alex always says they are interdimensional Satan worshipping pedos

And he’ll say from time to time "man if people really ever find out what’s going on here "


I hear ya. If these demons,aliens,fallen Angel’s or what ever you want to call them are here, Antarctica would be the perfect place on earth for them to remain untouched and hidden.


^ this is interesting too, no? Lol


Very interesting … :thinking:


Interesting for sure. I know the Rothschilds,especially in the early 1900’s,funded many expeditions,this must have been one of them and named after one of them.


Have you tried to Google earth that island to see if there are any structures on it?


I have. And there are. Or at least they were when all this stuff started coming out about it a few years ago. Who knows now. It’s google lol


Crazy man. I could only imagine what kind of shit takes place in an arctic house on Rothschilds island haha. Actually disturbing just thinking about it


Is basically impossible to go there without permission. But it’s funny if you look into it, high level politicians from around the world are always having meet ups there


It’s like a cold ass Bohemian Grove get together. But probably waaaay more sinister.


Well idk how you get more sinister than that but yeah lol


Antarctica is considered by top experienced researchers such as Corey Goode to be home to millions of “Draco Reptilians” or “Sorians”. Corey had met one face to face as the Draco paralyzed him standing up. They fly around often out of their Antarctic under-ice cities, but have cloaking technology that makes their highly advanced ships invisible to the human eye by somehow slightly lowering the speed of light around the craft which lets light from behind the craft pass right through or arc/bend around it. They are the ones responsible for elite bloodlines and shape-shifting, going back over 6000 years ago. They partnered with the 3rd Reich and delivered anti-gravity know-how to the paperclip scientists which were brought over to reign over Nasa, as Nasa is a front only disclosing rocket-based ancient Chinese rocket-science; the Secret Space Program - Solar Warden for example, mostly utilize electrogravitic or anti-gravity toroidal engines spinning red mercury plasma at a high percentage of the speed of light in order to twist spacetime through spacetime frame-dragging friction to generate the protational fields that offset gravity’s pull much like a smoke-ring travels through air, another example of the utilization of the toroid containing a super high speed mercury plasma.

The Dracos are deeply allied with the I11uminati; openly cooperative with German scientists since 1938 Germany. There are a dozen or so other more benevolent ET races which watch over the Draco dominance on Earth, keeping them in check to degrees. Zeta Reticulans and Arcturians are two example races who balance the power and intrigue and agenda of the Dracos; they are protectors of humanity while the Dracos are on the same page of the i11luminati.

For more information, watch Corey’s latest video included with Top Public War Stars:

WE THE PEOPLE OF EARTH need to rally up most of humanity to encourage the deep state AWD (Anti-gravitic War Drone; aka. AI War Drone, or Alien War Drone) operators and pilots to defect to be guardians of humanity to double cross the Dracos and further protect humanity from currently ongoing Draco Reptilian Earth domination.

or something along those lines close to that… Richard Byrd incidentally discovered them on an Antartic mission in 1933, 33 ships had to turn around to flee the Draco ships in the air. The Dracos wound up bringing top Nazis up to speed with Antigravity. The startling DC flyover in 1952 over the capital and White house were a dozen Draco enabled Nazi UFOs.


Ark of Gabriel is down there…amongst other things…


It was probably HELL that the Nazis found, they sent themselves to he’ll, now their trying to get out.


Definitely another entrance to hollow earth, for sure. Conspiracies are fun until their true. :open_mouth:




Does that mean there is more earth to explore and conquer, assuming that we could try to conquer and explore more of the north pole, Antarctica, and maybe even into caves, maybe even to attempt diving deep into the earth?