In Antarctica the government is hiding secret ailens and other top secret stuff they don't want us to know


So that’s why David Knight got banned​:thinking: his Hillary reptilian dna comment wasn’t actually satire :joy::thinking:


Hang Son Doong cave, vn. Recently discovered, went to Son Doong cave a few years ago. Still too expensive to go to Hang. But Son Doong was awesome. Still plenty to discover on Earth, couldn’t care less about the stars at this point. While amazing, not possible in my lifetime.


When I was in Vietnam, I heard about that cave. I didn’t visit it. Vietnamese would say to me that it was like the 8th wonder of the world.


It might be. I’ll be back in vn in two weeks, not hitting the caves, probably the coffee fields instead. Best coffee in the world, in my opinion.


Sorry for going off topic.


Speaking of hillary… Saw this picture of her from two years ago…Wish I could find the video again,but she looks to be sitting on the lap of one of her bodyguards or something and he has his hands on her, controlling her. I noticed his or her hands looked all fuc*ked up so I zoomed in. Also her blank faced expression is creepy af.



Talking about Vietnam is not off topic because the topic, the theme, of this thread is not the place, Antarctica, but Government and beyond that, gateways into our hollow earth, assuming it is hollow by 20% to 80% percent or whatever. We could maybe get into the earth via Antarctica or Vietnam. Therefore, Vietnam is not off topic, @Chappy_1776.


That woman or whatever it is…is a walking corpse! I am just dumbfounded how people buy into her BS!


The dead corpse of Hillary possessed by a demon


Look at her face…There is nothing there…She is literally a puppet


Weekend a t Bernie’s :joy::rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: for real :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Yeah and you know what, after i found out today that serial pedophile Jeffery Epstein bought his way out of going to prison, i now have zero hope that any of these scumbag crooks will end up behind bars


Hate to say it, but I think your probably right!


Yeah, spreading the word and redpilling is cool but I think the time for that was 50-100 years ago. I believe a “different” type of action is now required


there is no coincidence there :wink:

The more i have come to know the less i have believed in coincidences.


It’s just like the 5000 other coincidences involving these things


It’s just a sad society these days when people can get away with horrendous acts and people just go about their lives like it never happened! If ANYONE comes near any of my 3 daughters or 2 sons for that matter they will meet their maker and I will happily face any judgment thrown my way!


I feel the same way. Although I would extent that to other people’s children as well. 800,000 children go missing, conservatively, in this country each year. If I see any child being hurt, it’s curtains for the attacker. However I feel this way about the globalists right now because they are attacking our children every day with the chemicals, the psy-ops in schools etc.


True, all kids are someone’s kids and need protection as well! I try and keep mine away from the poison as much as I can, none of them are vaccinated and 4 of the 5 are homeschooled! My oldest son is in public high school for sports and I make sure he is armed with knowledge and facts to combat the liberal propaganda, he enjoys coming home and telling me when he gets to debunk his teachers nonsense!