In Antarctica the government is hiding secret ailens and other top secret stuff they don't want us to know


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Probably their satanic rituals, it would be interesting to know if George W. Bush was ever there.


I herd something about a giant hole
Somewhere on earth, that goes to HELL a couple years ago.


That was George HW Bushes mouth.



i realy want to know the secret that are hidden in the southpool admiral byrth is one inspiring guy who knows what there is to learn about ore past ore future



Infowarriors… U (not to be confused with Q) JUST MUST see “Above Majestic” and “TOP PUBLIC-SPACE FORCE”

Here is a compilation - a must have 1gb download:


Corey Goode was in Antartica. He describes the Reptillians and their underground geothermal heated large city there. He says there are millions of Reptilians on Earth already.

So, where is the Crocodile Hunter when we really need him?

On another note, these are most likely loving Arcturians, highest order ETs from nearby Andromeda galaxy. Anyways, this is a real MEGA HUGE STARSTATION (probably as wide as Austin Texas) ET SUPERCRAFT in high orbit, probably closer than the moon, or no more than two moons away…

Multiple ExtraTerrestrial Starstations NOW above Earth Visually Declassified

Startling new 5 minute Disclosure video (100% authentic untouched video) Enjoy…

Y’all… This is a real giant orbitting ET starstation and some real photographs of REAL ETs here visiting Earth/US that I was able to film with my Android camere in HDR +EV3 mode at night.

I held onto these photos and huge Gold-Rainbow flaring star-station footage until Q was about to bust their move, already soon Q has recently said (on March 10th, 2019).


Startling newly ‘disclosed’ orbiting star-station video (100% authentic untouched video)

Enjoy… Please forward to Q,, if you can. This is fresh off the video suite
as of today March 12th, 2019.

This starstation was captured in August 2018, somewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere.

This is for real? How do I know for absolutely sure? I filmed it about 6 months ago,
and IAM disclosing the footage now for y’alls Education and Entertainment. Welcome
to the real Universe…

It’s perfectly obvious that this footage could not have been faked. Instead I stimply
utilized some foam adhesive to stick my 13MP Android (with HDR mode) to a pair of WWII binoculars. This is the real, untocuhed, uncolored, 100% real video of one of the giant ET star-starstations in high orbit above Earth.

One night this one decided to come down close. These mega-stations look like gold stars (there is not supposed to be gold colored stars).



Yes it is TRUE. He’s been cross examined by many of today’s top minds. He is
a verifyable insider.

I don’t know if Corey has seen my own personally filmed video evidence yet, although I sent it to him two days ago at [email protected]

Fellow Info-Lovers, please download and archive, and perhaps repost here and there, multiple copies.

Here is the 22.9MB version to devaste Ill-uminati control:

These two new and awesome SPACE documentaries are really a “MUST SEE!” for

That documentary is the 2nd half of the combo set “ABOVE MAJESTIC” and

Jason Sather’s amazing “Above Majestic” contains Corey Goode’s testimony about Antarctica + much more! We are all lost without this film, and the same could be said for “TOP PUBLIC” too. Watch both… It will blow both your left and right hemisphere as you awaken to it all more.

Here is the full documentary MP4 download:±+SKYNET+VISUAL+DECLASSIFICATION-911MBVersion.mp4

Let’s download a 100 copies, archive, share, memory cards are discreet.

The Bigger Truth is an Open Subject.


Get a life, you only propagate shit when all your fed is shit…

Learn something about physics and reality before you spam straight up stupidity…

Just sayn, however continue as you are…



At least Vimeo was polite Everytime I told them to F Off after they got rid of Alex